Here's How To Experience Double Age Whiskey At Its Best
Here’s How To Experience Double Age Whiskey At Its Best

Demystifying Double Aged Scotch

Tommy Dewar, the man who made single malts popular in UK & US back in the late 1800s, once said: “’We have a great regard for old age when it is bottled’”. This is a proverb every whiskey lover continues to swear by! Whiskey’s predominance in the spirits world is evident from the shelf space that this category continues to dominate in every popular bar, but only a few are aware of the history behind this delicious liquid.


Whiskey, traditionally, known as an old man’s dram witnessed a transformation in the late 90s. With the revival of bartending as a craft, cult TV shows and movies like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby defining popular social lifestyles and cultures, whiskey moved out of the dingy offices and living rooms to colorful social experiences that continue to be a sensation even today. The rise of the cocktail culture, whiskey clubs, and pop-up bars have all acted as enablers to get audiences to appreciate whiskey and build on the overall consumption experience. This is predominantly because unlike other spirits, whiskey holds a diverse spectrum of taste profiles which makes it an instant hit amongst consumers and generates conversations around malts, blends, age, and origin. While the nuances of the Scottish Highlands and lowlands have been explored, very little has been written about the exquisiteness of a double aged Scotch and its role in enhancing a whiskey drinking experience. So here’s a quick reckoner on double aging whiskey from the makers of one of the world’s fastest-growing Scotch whiskey brand- Dewar’s. This is sure to make you want to try some today!


Double aging gives the Scotch an additional six months to mature again after the usual process of initial maturation and blending which ensures that your whiskey drinking becomes a more enhanced experience. The time-consuming process marries all blends seamlessly with each other in oak casks to give it a richer, smoother taste. The warm, buttery notes of fudge and melted caramel add extra body when used to craft cocktails like whiskey sour, old-fashioned.


“Double barrel aging is an added step taken to give the drink extra smoothness after blending it, to craft a more refined drinking experience. As one of the oldest makers in the world of high-end blended malts, Dewar’s has perfected this craft. The process was pioneered by A.J Cameron, the first master blender of John Dewar’s & Son’s in their Aberfeldy distillery to elevate the fineness in flavor and richness in its taste. This generation of evolving palates and their urge for extensive experimentation has allowed Scotch whiskey culture to achieve greater appreciation and resonance. People are now seeking exciting ways to consume the drink beyond its classic ‘on the rocks’ version. With whisky cocktails gaining popularity, double-aged blend makes for a great balance to those seeking rich, smooth and flavorful drink experience,” says Emily Thompson, Brand Ambassador, Dewar’s India, giving you a reason or two to ditch your malts this time and instead indulge in an artfully blended bottle of double aged Dewar’s Scotch whisky.


Whether you’re a whiskey lover or new to the cool coterie, double-aged is definitely worth a try to further accentuate your kinship with the drink. And what can be better than National Scotch day to try a classic double-aged whiskey on the rocks!


Emily Thompson is the Brand Ambassador for Dewar’s India

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