Here’s Why Mohammad Ali Road Should Be On Your Food Radar This Weekend
Here’s Why Mohammad Ali Road Should Be On Your Food Radar This Weekend

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the this year’s Ramzan and you simply can’t miss the shenanigans in this part of Mumbai

Despite being the holy month of fasting, Ramzan is also the time of the year where the highest amount of hogging goes down. And if you live in Mumbai, any enveloping street food experience is incomplete without a pilgrimage to Mohammad Ali Road’s gourmet quarters, around the Minara Masjid and in the Bohri Mohalla.


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And with the most popular month of the Islamic calendar drawing to a close next week, there is no way that you can afford to miss the shenanigans in this part of the city. Don’t be surprised if you run in to us there. The following should be reasons enough.


Chicken Tikkas at Janata



As you turn the corner from Md Ali Road onto Khau Gali, you will find aromas of spices wafting through the air from your left-hand side. Cooked in different marinades, the tikkas here taste as good as they look from the outside.


Paaya and Nalli at Mashallah



Further up ahead is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. Try out the haleem, nalli nihari and the paaya here and you’ll know exactly why it’s so famous. The meek hearted might chicken out, but the barbarians can also lay their hands on the khiri and bheja.


Haleem/Khichda time!



Ramzan also has a lot of roadside cart owners pitch their tents in the area. And one guy that we particularly admire is the one selling khichda at the other end of the street behind Minara Masjid, beyond the barricades. The khichda has Hyderabad written all over it with a perfect blend of spices and herbs. And there’s another cart a few metres behind that serves an interesting almond-flavoured badami khichda. 


Food meets Bollywood



When it’s Mumbai, there has to be some element of Bollywood even in its food. Noor Mohammadi hotel in Bhendi Bazaar cooks the spicy Chicken Sanju Baba, which accompanied by the Murgh Achaari and the Murgh Hakimi, is a chicken lover’s dream come true.


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Nihari at Surti 12 Handi


This is the first stop for every uninitiated foodie in these bustling lanes. The number of handis might have gone down from 12 at this joint, but that hasn’t affected the sumptuous nature of the nihari on offer, which is best enjoyed with the khamiri roti.


Water it down



With so much flesh and grease entering your digestive system, it takes some washing it down. Idris Coldrink comes to the rescue with an assortment of homemade beverages. Don’t forget to try the Rimzim masala drink and the rose sherbet here.


Jalebi from Burhanpur



Burhanpur is a small district in the state of Madhya Pradesh and its people are really fond of their jalebis. Mohammad Hussain from the same town exported the mawa jalebi recipe to Mumbai and is one of the most famous dessert places in the area, especially during Ramzan.


More desserts at Sulemani Usman


If you really have a sweet tooth, then one serving of jalebi probably won’t suffice. But don’t worry, the streets will offer you more desi delicacies, including rabdi, malpua and gulab jamuns at this delightful little eatery.


Happy ending



If you’re able to move your stuffed self for a few more feet by now, sign off the evening on a cool note at this more than a century old outlet. While guava and sitaphal continue to rule hearts, there are almost 50 other flavours to choose from.

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