Honest Food Reviews: Fish N Bait
Honest Food Reviews: Fish N Bait

Tequila Herb Scented Lobster and South Indian Style Chicken Sukkha – here’s what we loved (and didn’t) at the city’s latest restaurants and pubs.

Yet another eatery in BKC, this one sits in line with Hemant Oberoi’s eponymous restaurant and a stone’s throw from Toast N Tonic. What excited us most was that it’s a venture by Shiv Sagar’s Mr Narayan Poojari , who is also a partner in Mahesh Lunch Home.


The décor is a bright blue and white, with no-fuss furniture. Tables have glass tops placed over sand art inspired by sting rays etc, and a random fish tail pops out of one wall – we’re told it will move in concentric circles. Right then.


Fish N Bait’s menu is expansive and impressive. Most interestingly, it is divided by fishing belts – Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Thailand, East China Sea, Indian Ocean, Himalayan, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Seafood dishes are cleverly placed at the bottom of each page, under the heading ‘Below Sea Level’.



Crab Masala 



Mediterranean prawns and fish tikka are both decent to start with. A warm and hearty mushroom soup also makes an impact, but it was only when the Ginger Wine Crab arrived that I was genuinely blown away. The flavours aren’t complex or creative – they are simple and impactful, and breaking through the shell yielded chunky, sweet flesh that we polished off quickly.


The Salmon Stroke is an interesting sounding dish in theory, but disappoints when it arrives at the table. The fillet is too big, and doesn’t cook evenly as a result. The egg roulade, stuffed with veggies, adds nothing to the dish and there’s too little of the sauce. 



Salmon Stroke



The Tequila Herb Scented Lobster fares a lot better. Again, the quality of the catch is amazing, and the chef does well not to mask it with too many flavours. The accompanying polenta and buttered veggies make for a delicious side to this elegant dish.



Tequila Herb Scented Lobster



Our final main dish, a South Indian Style Chicken Sukkha, is a superlative way to end our meal. The meat is succulent and the masala is flavoursome. Pair this with neer dosa for a fail-safe meal.


Having covered only a fraction of the menu, we are eager to return to Fish N Bait for their Thai and Bengali dishes in particular.





Quality of seafood, expansive menu




Salmon Stroke






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