Mood swings

Two of Mumbai’s youngest mixologists from The Bar Stock Exchange, BKC, put together cocktails specially designed to help you get through the week



“How do you feel on Mondays after work?” They asked. Like a cat hit by a speeding car and dragged for a couple of blocks, we said. “Did you go through a break up recently?” Oh, don’t even get us started on that, man. “And sometimes, mid-week, you just want to crash in front of the TV for Friends reruns and greasy Chinese food, don’t you?” We are almost teary-eyed. You feel us, brother. Abhishek and Abhishek slowly smile, being all cool and zen. “What you need is a tall glass of something intoxicating. Let’s rustle something up for you guys, yeah?”


How to beat the Monday blues


Abhishek and Abhishek say: “Mondays suck. You want to get drunk, but you don’t want a drink to get over too soon. That’s why these cocktails will be satisfying. They go a long way, and give you a good buzz. Also, the twist on beer will make you happy. Why be boring with your drink? The day has been drab enough.”


Solution no. 1: Easy breezy




15 ml passion fruit syrup


10 ml sweet and sour


15 ml whisky


A bottle of Jamaican Passion Breezer




Shake all the contents except the Breezer well, and pour into a beer mug. Open up the Breezer and upturn it into the glass. Done.


Solution no. 2: Beer trap




10 ml amaretto


10 ml lime juice


10 ml cinnamon syrup


A bottle of any lager beer




Shake all the contents except the beer well, and pour into a Boston glass. Open up the beer and upturn it into the glass. There you go.


Bye bye break up


Abhishek and Abhishek say: “No one wants to hear you whine. We know that all you want is to get sloshed, so that you stop thinking about how your girl walked out on you and squashed your heart with her heels. So, down these evil drinks. And move on, man.”


Solution no. 1: Monkey gland




15 ml orange juice


15 ml gin


5 ml grenadine


10 ml triple sec


30 ml absinthe




Shake all the ingredients except the absinthe, and pour into a martini glass. Float the absinthe on top and flame it, if you are feeling cocky. A slice of orange for garnish too, if you like.


Solution no. 2: Memory loss




30 ml each of vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, red wine and vermouth


Chopped fruits




Shake everything together and pour into a tall glass. If you are not a goner by the end of this one, we’ll pay you big money.




All by myself


Abhishek and Abhishek say: “Some nights during the week you just want to veg out in front of the TV. No, you are not sad or anything. It’s just one of those days. A crappy TV show, pizza and a tall drink – what more can a man want?”


Solution no. 1: The handyman




10 ml peach syrup


10 ml sweet and sour


45 ml white rum




Shake all ingredients with orange chunks and mint leaves and strain into a Tom Collins glass. Top with some cranberry juice. Happy Thursday night, buddy.


Solution no. 2: The wingman




30 ml passion fruit syrup


60 ml vodka


5 kaffir lime leaves


90 ml orange juice




Shake and muddle all ingredients together and pour into a tall glass.


Friday (Freedom)!


Abhishek and Abhishek say: “It is important to set the right mood for the weekend. You want to chill with friends, dance a little, meet new people, dance some more and be absolutely wasted by the end of the night. So, you need drinks that taste delicious and keep you wanting more  – a lethal combination.”


Solution no. 1: Party favours




60 ml Irish whiskey


30 ml cranberry juice


15 ml triple sec


Half an orange


Ginger ale




Muddle and shake all the ingredients except the ale, and strain into an old fashioned glass. Top with ginger ale.


Ibiza nights




10 ml blue curacao


30 ml pineapple juice


45 ml white rum






Shake and pour into an old fashioned glass and build up with crushed ice.

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