Mumbaikars, Here's Where To Be To Watch The CWC 2019 Finale
Mumbaikars, Here’s Where To Be To Watch The CWC 2019 Finale

This is the place to be to cheer our men in blue

World cups have been nothing less than a festival for a cricket-crazed city like Mumbai. If you’re a cricket fanatic, you would definitely love watching it on the big screen. Everybody is super excited to watch the semi-finale of the world famous sport and to cheer our boys in blue. But everyone’s not going to get a front row ticket in England, live screenings are going to be our savior. 


So grab a beer with your friends at this bar during the world cup season. Enjoying this rainy-festive phase, let World-cup nights get noisy and buzzy this year, at SHOR.






Head on over here, and try their selection of beers during World Cup matches. Also, enjoy a long list of delicious food during the matches when India is playing. Get the best of both food and drinks at SHOR, as it offers you the perfect location to get comfortable and watch your matches.








So, stop waiting and start planning your world-cup meetup with your friends.





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