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Chef Ranveer Brar discusses how cooking is one skill every man should learn, his biggest achievements, his favourite memories from childhood and more.


Chef Ranveer Brar discusses how cooking is one skill every man should learn, his biggest achievements, his favourite memories from childhood, and more. 




What’s keeping you busy these days?


I am fortunate to have a job so good that I can explore the world and build my knowledge about food. Also, I am tied up with constant TV shows and the launch of my new restaurant.


What’s your biggest achievement?


My biggest achievement are the chefs that I have trained and imparted my knowledge to. After all, I understand what they go through, as I was one of them at the start of my career. Now, most of them are industry leaders across the country.


What’s your biggest regret?


I believe in keeping a strict “no regrets” policy and abiding by it. Life is too short to regret what wrong has been done.


What is the one skill every man should have?


Knowing how to cook. It’s the best therapy for the self and a perennial tool to impress and feed your partner, and will also help you when you live alone.


What is the one thing you always desire?


The one thing that I always desire is perfection through patience. I am a man in a hurry, who often realises that he could have done things a lot better had he given things time.


What are you always searching for? 


The one thing that I am always in search of is taste. It is a never-ending search, as every place I visit I find something new to taste.


Describe a life-changing experience you’ve had. 


Holding my son in my arms for the first time. There is no better feeling than that.


What’s your favourite place on earth?


My farms, in my village. It’s an amazing feeling being close to your roots and the source of all you stand for, which in my case is food.


What irritates you most about people?


Sometimes, what bugs me about people is them not realising their potential. A lot of people that I’ve interacted with are low on confidence and don’t make good use of their skills. I always try to motivate them to achieve their goals.


One resolution you break often?


It is always hard to stick to a resolution that you plan, in the beginning, but there is this one resolution that I always want to keep but then break, which is sleeping on time. Late night work, a documentary or a gripping match keep me up till late.


Who are the people who have inspired you in life? 


My grandfather, for his belief that faith and logic could co-exist, and my teacher, Ustaad Munir, who kept motivating me on what I really wanted me to become and supported me all through my school days.


What is the word/phrase you overuse the most?


“God is great”, which is my way of saying that life always sorts itself out.


If you could live someone else’s life for a day, whose would it be?


I would pick the life of a farmer in Marathwada. I want to just to redefine the phrase “tough life “ for myself, grow up with all the struggles and find ways to improve and find solutions to problems that our farmers face on a daily basis.


What are your fears?


My biggest fear is not having a dream to chase. I hope I continue to be blessed and inspired to live a life like this.


An overrated virtue, according to you?


There is nothing overrated. It all depends on what values and virtues are imparted to you when you start out, and you sure cannot change that.


What makes you happy?


Smiling children and good food make me happy.


What are your favourite memories?


My favourite memory goes all the way back to when I was a kid. I went to a Dussehra mela with my dad, and I sat and watched it on his shoulder. That was one view that I will never forget, and it was the best moment I had with my dad.


What advice would you give people?


Keep it simple, keep it clean! Life is filled with ups and downs, but it’s all on you to go past your obstacles, keep your goals in mind and get back up and fight with all your might.

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