Sterling Reserve Brings Out Two New Whiskies For The Season
Sterling Reserve Brings Out Two New Whiskies For The Season

The fantastic new Sterling Reserve Premium whiskies are aimed at discerning young men in India

In the last few years, the standout trend in the Indian alcohol industry has been one of a move towards premium liquor. In keeping with this, the launch of the Sterling Reserve range of premium whiskies is being acknowledged as the most consumer engaging and competitive move in the past few years. Sterling Reserve Blend 10 is the more premium variant, with the second being Sterling Reserve Blend 7. The two whiskies, also referred to as Sterling Reserve B10 and B7, have been launched after extensive consumer tests, for both packaging as well as blends. Consumers today, especially in the younger age-groups, are more than willing to pay a premium for brands that they feel assure them quality. With the introduction of the Sterling Reserve range of Premium Whiskies, the aim is to delight consumers with two top-notch offerings that are superior in taste and offer excellent value. Sterling Reserve B10 and Sterling Reserve B7 redefine consumer expectations, with quality blends and noticeably superior packaging in the expanding Indian semi-premium and premium whisky segments.







They use malts from the Scottish highlands, which are aged in bourbon oak casks and then blended with the best of Indian grains. These whiskies stand out for a texture that is smooth, crisp and lively, and tasting notes that are luxurious and unique. They’re targeted at confident young men across the country, for whom the pursuit of perfection is a continuing journey, rather than just a destination.




Sterling Reserve Blend 10







A blend of imported Scotch malts and the finest Indian grain spirits. The Scotch malts are from different barrel origin including bespoke bourbon oak casks. The blend is chill-filtered to perfect balance with a smooth finish and ten unique tasting notes. The unique highlight of the packaging is the canisters on all major sizes.




Sterling Reserve Blend 7







The blend is crafted to perfection with Scotch malts from different barrel origin and carefully selected Indian grain spirits with seven distinct tasting notes. The soft toasted touch of charred oak gives a texture and a smooth, well-rounded finish. The 750 ml pack of Sterling Reserve Blend 7 is packaged in a special premium carton.

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