Summer Splash: Refreshing Beverages To Add To Your Shopping Cart This Season
Summer Splash: Refreshing Beverages To Add To Your Shopping Cart This Season

Temperatures are rising and you’re probably thirsty. Take a look at our handy guide to give your home bar a seasonal refresher

Yes, naariyal paani, sweet-and-salty lemonade and fruity iced teas are probably wiser choices for when you’re feeling thirsty this summer. But let’s face it, when the going gets tough, everyone needs a stiff drink. Much like your wardrobe, bedroom and skin routine, home bars need a seasonal refresher, too. “I think, people are becoming extremely experimental. While they love their whiskey-soda or gin and tonics, every now and then, they are looking for something new to try. They are willing to learn new techniques, new flavour profiles and even new spirits. Home bars are somewhat a matter of pride and definitely a talking point,” weighs in Jovita Mascarenhas, co-founder of Bartisans, a premium mixer brand.  


Thankfully, the burgeoning rise of homegrown spirits, across segments like gin, whisky, rum and agave, has led to the syncretic upsurge of ancillary businesses that help notch things up when drinking at home. From small-batch mixers that pair well with your choice of poison to cool, new trinkets and accessories that can help elevate the home-drinking experience, here’s our handy list of things to add to your shopping cart this season.  







A slew of hard seltzer brands in the market indicates the growing interest in this low-calorific, alcoholic beverage. If you love kicking back with a beer every summer, you might want to take a look at IST’s flavoured seltzers that have just as much alcohol (5%) as beer but come with fewer calories and minus gluten. The product is available Spiked Grapefruit and Spiked Lemon flavours. While the first has hints of pomegranate, the second one carries notes of Chardonnay.   


Cerana Mead  



Another alternative to beers, Cerana Meads’ offerings are available in three variants — melomels (honey and fruits, flowers), metheglins (honey and spices) and pyments (honey and grapes). Their flavour profiles range from the summer friendly Jamun and Pomegranate melomels to pyments fashioned with Chenin Blanc grapes, alongside the Yule Spice version.  


Samsara Gin  



Nothing spells summer like a good bottle of gin and Samsara is the latest entrant in India’s coterie of craft gin brands. Distilled using the classic London Dry method, these spirits are steeped in as many as 11 botanicals and is available in a Contemporary Indian Gin flavour alongside other variations that fall under two series — New World Experiments and The Secret Orchard. Of them, the Orchard series has flavours like Lemon and Elderflower, Grapefruit and Rose, and Coffee and Hazelnut, which will make for worthy additions to your home bar this season.  




Jade Forest’s New Range  



Summer is in full swing at one of India’s finest mixer companies, Jade Forest. And their new collection is all about sprightly flavours. From their garden-fresh Cucumber and Mint Tonic Water to the Mango Lush Premium Iced Tea that comes with undertones of plump alphonso mangoes, this range is bound to be a worthy addition to your home bar. Don’t miss their latest ginger ales — available in Tropical and Spiced flavours.  


Bartisans’ Summer Collection  



With a focus on white spirits, seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and zesty profiles, Bartisans’ Summer Edit features season-perfect mixers in four iterations — the mango-chilli flavoured Indian Summer; The Winning Shot, which has notes of cucumber, kafir lemongrass and earl grey tea; The Escapade, made with green apple and thyme; and the Raid & Run, which has java plums, or jamun and cumin. Stock up on your picks from the collection (or maybe, all four?). 


Sepoy And Co.’s Lemonades 



At this all-natural, premium mixer company, the latest launch looks summery and fruity, too. While the brand already offers the lemony drink in Classic, Pink and Tropical variants, their latest drop includes two new flavours — Mixed Berry and Peach. For bulk orders, you can opt for their Lemonade Tasting Box that comes with 12 bottles, comprising all five flavours, old and new.   




Nappa Dori’s Bar Tool Kit 



Time to throw out those rusty peg measurers and enjoy your cocktails at home the proper way this summer. Nappa Dori’s sophisticated Bar Took Kit comes complete with a peg measurer, bar spoon, bottle opener, corkscrew, and tong, all encased within a kit made of genuine leather. The bar tools are made of brass.  


Nicobar’s Bar Accessories 



From elegant wine and whisky decanters and swish cognac, wine, highball glasses to tumblers, cocktail shakers and bottle openers, the India-inspired conscious brand has a host of tools and trinkets for the home-bar enthusiast. Handy among their options is the Twilight and SSN Aurum Bar Tool Sets and SSN Sitara Ice Bucket and Scoop.  

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