The Absolut India flavour is all kinds of awesome
The Absolut India flavour is all kinds of awesome

Mango and pepper are a dream combo; plus, look at that bottle!

It’s no surprise that an India-inspired bottle of Absolut vodka puts the king of fruits in the spotlight. With dollops of flavour courtesy mango and a generous smattering of pepper, we can’t get enough of this limited edition blend.


The bottle – in a delicious hue of mango yellow (coincidence?) – is keepsake-worthy, as per usual. We’re told Mumbai-based artist Shaheen Baig designed it, staving off competition from 2,700 others who vied for the honour.


Keep your drink simple, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy this one. We love the first taste of sweet mango, followed by the hit of pepper that leaves a sharp aftertaste. Tonic, soda or mango juice are our recommended mixers with this one. Take ourword for it and try some of these simple recipes at home.


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