The Great Italian Feud: Who Does Chocolate Better? Nutella Vs Barilla
The Great Italian Feud: Who Does Chocolate Better? Nutella Vs Barilla

Behold, it’s the jar wars between the Italian mega-giant companies. Nutella has a new archrival in town

Move over Nutella, there’s a new chocolate spread kingpin in town.


For decades, the beloved Italian brand, Nutella has been the go-to for chocolate spreads. It was an instant success from the moment it started and has managed to hold its throne. With about 54% of the global market share, this brand has been invincible. Well, not anymore.


Hold onto your seats, this tiff has been officially called– the jar wars.



Nutella is about to face some serious competition from the Italian pasta manufacturer, Barilla. Popular for their pasta in iconic blue boxes and range of sauces, Barilla is ready to give a tough fight to knock off their competition from the market. The rival concoction is going to be called Crema Pan di Stell—a liquid form of chocolate deliciousness with cookie crumbles, to add a little crunch.


According to Reuters, this product is supposedly superior in terms of quality. There are taking things up a notch, and making a healthier version– sans palm oil.  Plus, it also contains less sugar and has Italian hazelnuts.


To add fuel to the fire, Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero is planning to focus on confectionery which is a threat to Barilla’s own confectionery brand, Baiocchi.

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