Three Restaurants You Could Be Having Dinner At Tonight

For tonight’s dinner, take a look at some of the newest entrants to Mumbai’s food and beverage scene.


Here’s taking a look at some of the newest entrants to Mumbai’s food and beverage scene


Hitchki, Kala Ghoda



Located in the strikingly beautiful heritage and art district of Mumbai and with contemporary chic interiors and cozy ambience, Hitchki offers you international and traditional flavours, along with some of the most delectable cocktails. Their eclectic menu comprises Lettuce Kadhi Soup; Rassam Minestrone; and Beer Bunny Chow-der, while its starters include Pithla Hummus and Baingan Tabouleh, Chapli Kabab, among other mouth-watering delicacies.



Ghee Roast Chicken




Chocolate Roti Porridge




Body Builder


Dig into their main course menu, which is an absolute delight, comprising Gratinated Miso Dal Khichdi, Laksa Prawns Dum Biryani,  the Mexican-inspired Kerala Pepper Tenderloin Fry Fajitas Deconstructed,  and Savji Mutton Paella.





EURO, Hotel Sahara, Santa Cruz



 One of the newest entrants for all foodies is EURO, a restaurant that serves one of the most authentic and delectable European cuisines, in the heart of Mumbai. With its chequered flooring and wooden and glass interiors, the restaurant exudes a vintage charm and offers you an unforgettable dining experience.If you take delight in a relaxing ambiance paired with great food and fine wine, then this is definitely your world of indulgence, inspired from the west.




The fine dining restaurant has a rotating menu where you can relish and revel in the mouth-watering recipes that express the true essence of Europe.





Raasta Bombay, Khar



Bongtails from Raasta



Delhi and Gurgaon’s favourite bar, Raasta, has finally made its way to Mumbai, and mind you, this more than just a lounge. Here, you can take a long break and spend the day unwinding at the Café or hop over to their bar and lounge, sipping into their famous Bongtail. With a sophisticated combination of wooden and metal furniture, along with some graffiti covered walls and a stage for artists to perform, Raasta Bombay is the perfect place to unwind along with your pals. Try their Caribbean Chicken Strips, The Raasta Big Boy Platter, Chicken Faffa and other sinful delights and sip into the mind blowing Raasta Bombay cocktails such as the signature Bongtail, which is a mix of the easy-peasy Caribbean vibe with some serious alcohol.

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