Would You Try Wasabi Oreos? 10 Weirdest Snacks From Around The World
Would You Try Wasabi Oreos? 10 Weirdest Snacks From Around The World

With Oreo introducing wasabi and hot chicken flavours, check out some of the weirdest snacks from around the world

Almost everyone’s favourite chocolate sandwich cookies, Oreo is launching some ‘hot’ new flavours. With green and orange crème sandwiched between two chocolate wafers, America’s iconic cookie is introducing the wasabi and the hot chicken flavours. Sounds weird?


As of now, these are only available in China with no information on when these will be hitting the stores around us, if at all they do.



While the most go-to snack for most might be Pringles, there are all sorts of food people consume around the world that could seem crazy, considering how sensitive our society is about food. From fermented shark meat to garlic chocolate, there is a whole world of snacks beyond our shelves of Pringles and Oreos.


Check out some of the world’s weirdest snacks.


1. Garlic Chocolate



The combination itself sounds dreadful. Originally from Japan, this mixture of sweet and savoury has a pungent kick. Would you try it?


2. Bamboo Worms



These dried worms found in the groves of bamboo are edible and very popular in Thailand.


3. Placenta Drinks


Claimed to have several health benefits, the drinks are made of the placenta of various animals. They are served widely in Japan.


4. Jing Leed (Grasshoppers)



Another one from Thailand, this one is a bit on the creepy side of things.


5. Preserved Duck Eggs



A Chinese preserved food product, it can be several weeks to several months old depending on the method of processing.


6. Harkarl



This Iceland snack is basically shark meat hung and fermented over several months before being served as cubes on a toothpick.


7. Basashi Ice



Where Basashi is raw horse meat, Basashi ice is ice cream with chunks of horseflesh sushi. Not even horsing around with this one!


8. Starfish



In China, one can find the starfish on a stick, sometimes dried and sometimes deep fried.


9. Scorpion suckers



With a real scorpion inside, you can get a taste of this scorpion sucker somewhere around southwest USA and Mexico.


10. Guinea pigs



A speciality in certain parts of Peru, one can find a guinea pig served as fried on a stick or as a part of the Peruvian dish baked with hot stones.




Images courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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