Want To Try Exotic Tangra Cuisine In Mumbai?
Want To Try Exotic Tangra Cuisine In Mumbai?

Then head to Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, near Powai Lake, which is hosting a specially curated Tangra Food Festival.

Tangra, in Calcutta, has been the seat of as-authentic-as-it-gets Chinese food. Over the years, Indian Chinese might have become a cuisine by itself, most occupants and restaurants in Tangra’s Chinatowns try to hold on to fading flavours. The Tangra flavours are different, milder in nature and are based on the sweet-sour-hot structure rather than the fiery-red-spicy combination available in the country. Our picks from the menu are the Chicken Momos, Spare Ribs (juicy and packed with flavours), Pan fried Noodles, Pork Sweet and Sour, Crispy Duck and a wonderful Mango Pudding. 


So if you’re in Mumbai, here’s some interesting news for you. Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, near Powai Lake, is hosting the Tangra Food Festival where Chef Cham Hun Chakap (Chef de Cuisine – Emperors Court) along with his team of culinary experts have curated a special menu of Hakka delicacies from the Tangra region.



Lobster Schezwan


Take your pick from the plethora of dishes they’re offering, including crowd-favourites such as Tangra chilli chicken, mafo doufo, prawns with Asian greens & burnt garlic, pork belly with pakchoy and barbeque, four treasure delight, moon fun rice, fortune rice, Xo fried rice, yangchow fried rice and desserts such as darsaan and fried ice cream.



Mafo Doufu


Speaking about festival, Chef Cham Hun Chakap stated, “During the Tangra Festival, we look forward to recreating extremely popular dishes which are native to the Tangra region and have been enjoyed in Kolkata since the 18th century right here in Mumbai. Popular Chinese dishes adapted to the Indian palate – also known as Hakka dishes will be prepared for our patrons to enjoy an innovative dining experience at Emperor’s Court.”


The Tangra Food Festival began on the 17th and is on until the 24th June, 2017, 7.00pm onwards.

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