What are you doing this weekend?
What are you doing this weekend?

Three swanky watering holes are the hotspots on our radar this week

There is no need to feel low just because we are about to start off with February and that is the most boring month of the year. None of your favourite TV shows are coming back anytime soon, and watching Breaking Bad reruns is not cool anymore. Make the most of this last weekend with badass burgers, a fantastic Mediterranean spread and good ol’ Godfather-style partying.


Gangsta’s Café and Bar, Mumbai


Unapologetically ostentatious, Bandra’s youngest pub, Gangsta’s, takes you back to the Prohibition era of slick gun-totting mafia men and sexy molls. Done up in red lights, grungy pop art and industrial interiors, Gangsta’s serves both as a pre-game option for the partygoers, and a lavish night out for the lazy ones. The menus are extensive but steer clear of the Red Bull infused cocktails if you want to walk the straight line by the end of the night. Don’t forget to try the Panko-crusted fried Camembert with raspberry, Blini topped with egg, caviar and cheese and the succulent grilled chilli-garlic tiger prawns.


The Little Door, Mumbai


One of Andheri’s favourite pubs, TLD, has given its menu a wonderful makeover, and now incorporates southern European delicacies, along with a new range of interesting cocktails. Try the kolokithokaftedes (Greek zucchini fritters), miniature dogs, Spanish wings, delicious chicken kabobs stuffed with cheese and herbs, vol au vants and pork sliders. The drunken meal bowls like the Vodka Penne and Red wine Spaghetti are interesting additions to the main course. Do not miss the excellent sea food options like the calamari au pesto, shrimp brochette and the crowd favourite – Bombil fritters. Add beer cocktails, 32 varieties of shots and 16 signature cocktails to that and you’ve hit gold.


The Hungry Monkey, New Delhi


Do you want to try out something called ‘The Bomb’? It’s a gigantic (and I mean it) burger of carefully layered tenderloin, American cheese, gorgonzola, bacon aioli and onion jam and is a mountain of meat-and-cheese delight. Delhi’s The Hungry Monkey has started the #burgerbar movement with a selection of innovative (and outrageous) burgers and sliders. Have ‘The Assassin’ this weekend. It is a delectable smoked tenderloin and roast pepper patty burger, covered with pickled red cabbage, homemade cheese melt and chipotle mayo. Sink your teeth into the ‘Mighty Duck’, a star anise flavoured duck patty, sandwiched with red cabbage slaw and rocket and chili jam. Honestly, are you really strong enough to say no to such temptations?





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