What Her Drink Says About a Woman
What Her Drink Says About a Woman

Olivier Lafont gives his insights on what a drink says about a woman

















































Kelly Ripa



Beer: She’s easy, no fuss, approachable, one of the guys, not so bothered about typical feminine obsessions like weight, looks, fashion and hygiene.


Christina Hendricks



Whisky: Individualistic and confident in her ideas and opinions, a female CEO. She has employed men and earned their respect, becoming an honorary gentleman in their eyes


Queen Elizabeth II


: Either she’s British, raised British or has a colonial hangover, all of which boil down to a nostalgic penchant for a classic olden time, such as the 1950s, Victorian England or before boys started calling her aunty. PS: Gin is also the drink of the discreet alcoholic.


Gwyneth Paltrow


: Wine is a food accompaniment. This woman drinks wine to appear sophisticated, intellectual and worldly. But, is she?




: This woman likes her liquor for the taste of it, which means she’s unapologetic and straightforward about who she is.


Vanessa Paradis


: The mellow of the masses. Whether an Old Monk rum and Coke or a mojito, a woman partaking of rum is part of the crowd and goes with the flow. She’ll be a woman with heart and honesty who wants to love and be loved.


Angelina Jolie


: Party girl! She wants to party hard, loud and fast, but also guilt-free, since nothing erases the memory of last night like tequila. One might even suspect she drinks it to forget herself.


Jennifer Aniston


: A chilled-out party girl, who is more about fun and dancing than turning the night into an extreme sport. She’s a former Cosmo girl, married, or, having been so, flocking with other margarita drinkers for a girls’ night out.


Eva Mendes


: She could be a reluctant partier who doesn’t know what to drink, so vodka is a safe default drink. But, if vodka is her chosen drink, then she’s a social woman who is calorie conscious. Like gin, another favourite of discreet alcoholics.


Emma Watson


: She drinks it because she’s so young, so pretty and lovely, and she’s with her other single girlfriends on a girls’ night out! Yes, Cosmo girls blossom into margarita girls.


Miley Cyrus


xotica (Sake, Cachaça, Pastis etc.): Why does she pick the most obscure drink out of the menu? Because she’s so unique and different, and needs to order that drink to prove it, with a supremely confident butchering of the name in its original accent, s’ilvous plait.
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