Engineering Day: These Ragging Tales From Top Indian Colleges Will Give You The Jitters
Engineering Day: These Ragging Tales From Top Indian Colleges Will Give You The Jitters

‘He thrusted a lit cigarette into my butt hole’

The keywords ‘engineering colleges’ and ‘ragging’ instantly take not just the most avid Bollywood enthusiasts but even other average Indians to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. Yes, we’re talking about the pants-down ‘Jahan panaa tussi great ho’ scene that has many freshmen bending over as an act of respect for their seniors.


Credit to the makers of the movie for shedding light on this reality of Indian engineering colleges. But what translates to a comedy sequence in a movie is the dark reality that many engineering students go through, even under the roof of some of India’s most esteemed institutions.


On the occasion of Engineers Day, here are some of the most mind-numbing first-hand ragging accounts.


The erection challenge


A quora user and electrical engineering graduate submitted a disturbing ordeal from his college student union elections, where juniors are used as mere objects or tools of campaigning. One set of juniors were asked to undergo this task in order to fetch more votes for their leader.


“As soon as we reached there [another hostel], one senior came and shouted “r@#$iya aa gi. Some of them surrounded us started asking questions and humiliating us. I was asked technical intro. I got terrified and went blank,” he started.


“One of them came near me and slapped me. Suddenly one of them pulled out his mobile and starting flashing it on our underwear. He shouted ‘agar agle do min me tumahra l**d khada nhi hua to tum sb ki m** c@#d jaaegi.’


“Then we were turned against the wall with hands in our underwear. Flashlight all over us, forcing us to make our things erect. We were getting beaten by chappals abused badly. This went on for about 10 minutes. Suddenly a senior recognised us and he sneakingly took us down, gave our clothes back and asked angrily to leave.”


The incident still gives him the jitters. “That night I was not able to sleep. Some things have changed,” he confessed. His party won the elections, if that takes the sting off a little.


Size matters?


At one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering colleges in the state of Bengal, the freshers from the batch of 2012 were given a horror task. Under the condition of anonymity, a student from the mechanical branch revealed, “We were asked by our seniors to compile a list of dick sizes by talking to each male student in the insti. And there were dire consequences if you couldn’t complete the set task.” 


He went ahead and managed to consolidate these statistics in according to him was one of his most embarrassing life experiences. It sounds like fun but the catch was that he had to tell his size to everyone he asked as well. That’s an actual tough one for an 18-year-old who’s stepped out of his parents’ roof for the first time. 


The drill


Into only the second week of his college, this engineering student was summoned by his seniors, all of whom he had to address as sir. He didn’t answer the call and soon seven of them were inside his room. 


“They started asking why I wasn’t present at the ragging hour. I was too scared to speak but managed to say, ‘I was not feeling well’. To that, they started asking me what happened. Stomach ache was all I could think of before they asked me take off my T-shirt, which i did.”


After fiddling with his belly, all but one stayed back in the room and insisted that he smoked a cigarette. Upon being denied twice, the senior then called another couple back in before slapping the freshman. 


“They then turned me around, pulled my shorts down. I started pulling them up again. Then a senior jumped on my back, pinning me to the bed. Then the first senior thrusted the already lit cigarette into my butt hole. I felt pain, it burnt for sure. He then removed it, grabbed a pencil and pushed the non sharpened side into my butt again. This time, I started bleeding a little; he then started forcing it in and out. This made me shout. I screamed, at the top of my lungs. No one came. After 5 minutes, he threw that away, turned me around and slapped me again.


He was warned to not tell that to anyone before he had to visit the hospital the next day. “This was the darkest and scariest experience of my life. I just wish no one ever should go through something like this.”



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