2019 Binge-List For All The Marvel And DC Fans
2019 Binge-List For All The Marvel And DC Fans

We have curated the perfect 2019 binge-list for all the Marvel and DC fans

We have curated the perfect binge-list for all the Marvel and DC fans out there.


Buckle up, 2019 is going to be a sweet ride.









Referred as Captain Marvel back in the day, this DC character had to change his name for the obvious reasons. Shazam! has been DC’s rival to Marvel’s Superman, and is all set to make his epic comeback in theatres. Watch as the 14-year-old foster kid turns into the adult superhero Shazam!









Even hardcore Marvel fans can’t resist this brilliant adaptation. Joker has been DC’s infamous villain that has managed to garner a massive following over the years. Heath Ledger pulled off this role effortlessly in the The Dark Knight franchise, and he later went on to win a posthumous Oscar. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, this film is scheduled to hit the theatres in early October. 


Harley Quinn







If you just can’t get enough of the badass icon- Harley Quinn, well, the DC universe is coming out with a series. The upcoming animation follows the life of Joker’s psychotic ex-girlfriend, Harley Quinn along with her best-friend Poison Ivy.


Get ready, this series is all set to premiere in October 2019.


Captain Marvel









We are only two months away from the release of Captain Marvel, and the presales of this movie have been through the roof beating the comparable first 24-hour sales of films like Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as per online ticket site Fandango.


And, we are rooting for Captain Marvel to conquer the galactic war between two alien races.




Avengers: Endgame







2019’s high-anticipated film, Avengers Endgame is all set to break records. Since, the last movie, everyone is still trying to recuperate with the fate of their favourite Marvel character.


The Russo brothers have managed to leave no trail behind for any spoilers. But, the internet conspiracists have a few guesses. This film seals the destiny of the Avengers series.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix







With the twelfth installment to the X-Men series, the Game Of Thrones star, Sophie Turner is going to appear as an extremely powerful mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers in Dark Phoneix.


Watch the mystery unfold as X-Men make the tough choice – whether saving one of Xavier’s most prized students is worth more than all the people living in the world.


Spider-Man: Far From Home







Jake Gyllenhaal joined Instagram just to let us know that he is going to play Mysterio in the upcoming Spiderman film. Here’s to hoping Tom Holland manages to make it through this year without any spoilers.





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