5 Actors Who Could Play Virat Kohli In His Biopic
5 Actors Who Could Play Virat Kohli In His Biopic

Only if Mr Kohli gives his permission for such a film to be made.

It’s the season of biopics, especially sports biopics. We’ve had one on Milkha Singh, we had one on Mohammad Azharuddin, we had one on MS Dhoni, and we’re sure that in the near (or distant) future, there’ll be one on Virat Kohli as well. He’s too big a star and too big a story, for some filmmaker to not cash in on his popularity.


If Kohli allows such a film, we’d love to see these actors essay his role.


Varun Dhawan



He’s our number one pick for this role, since he’s got the energy and the acting chops to play Virat. You’d think playing an angry sportsman wouldn’t be his cup of tea, but Dhawan does do aggression well as he has proved with a fantastic performance in Badlapur.


Ranveer Singh



Ranveer Singh isn’t just one of the most popular actors in Bollywood at the moment, he is also one of the finest. He has to obviously lose some weight, but not fitness levels, to play Virat and we think he can do that. The only catch in the plan is that Ranveer is already playing 


Abhay Deol



Being an Indian captain is not all about gymming, hitting big sixes and looking glamorous on TV. There is also a lot of thought and man management involved, and to play Kohli in the intense dramatic situations that happen behind the scenes, we think Abhay Deol will be a perfect pick. He has to change his physique a little bit, but we’re sure that he can do that.


Shahid Kapoor



Like Ranveer, Shahid too is one of the finest actors we have in today’s era, and since we’ve never seen the man play a part in a sports film, we think he’ll jump at the offer of playing Kohli. Also, we think he will do a good job since he has got all the points from the book of acting.


Rajkumar Rao



Well, you’ve seen him playing the common man very often, but Rao is an ace actor and he’ll take up the challenge of portraying the story of Virat Kohli with glee. In fact, Rao is also the closes to Kohli when it comes to appearance, and a few months in the gym will bring him close to him in terms of physique too.

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