5 Actors Who We Think Should Be The Next Batman
5 Actors Who We Think Should Be The Next Batman

Don’t worry, nobody in here can ruin the franchise like how George Clooney did

We all know that Ben Affleck has hung up his cape as Batman and Bruce Wayne, but who’s next? Mixed reactions erupt when you question if he was a good Batman. Christian Bale, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, everyone has their own pick of their favourite Batman. Oh, I’m sorry I included George Clooney because evidently nobody has ever liked him as Batman.


We thought of making this list after rumours of Armie Hammer signing final documents to be the new Batman. Will he really be the one to play Batman or not is unknown, but till then, here’s our pick of 5 actors who could play a great Batman on screen:




1.) Matt Bomer





Apart from being a man who can melt your face away with his good looks, Matt Bomer is also a versatile actor. He fits the character of Bruce Wayne perfectly and with a little training, Batman’s too. He would be perfect to play a mega-rich, handsome playboy who also fights crime by night. 




2.) Joe Manganiello





Yes, we know that he’s already been cast as Deathstroke, but come on, there’s no doubt about it,  Joe would make an amazing Batman. In fact, he could continue the same beefy Batman character that Ben Affleck made popular. 




3.) Trevante Rhodes





Seen alongside Sandra Bullock in Bird Box, Trevante Rhodes showcased his protective and fighting skills in the film. Well, kind of. But probably with a little more Batman-type training, he would be unstoppable. 




4.) Chris Pine



Another actor that’s already part of the DC universe but not as a superhero. He’s already got a taste of the DC universe because of his role in Wonder Woman, but Chris Pine has never played a role like Batman and this could be a great milestone in his career as an actor. 




5.) John Krasinski





No, don’t picture Jim from The Office, but rather picture Jack Ryan in a batsuit, make him a billionaire, give him badass gadgets and voila! You have yourself a great Batman. 



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