5 Alternate Career Choices For Diana Penty’s Failed Acting Career
5 Alternate Career Choices For Diana Penty’s Failed Acting Career

Plans B, C, D, E and F for Diana’s acting career, which might just fall apart with the upcoming ‘Parmanu’

One movie wonder, Diana Penty is trying to resurrect her deflated movie career with the upcoming John Abraham-starrer ‘Parmanu’ that releases this Friday. We are sure that John’s abs might get attract audiences than her to the movie.


For the very same reason, we have compiled a list of alternate career options Diana could try, because if this movie fails, it might just be time for her to bid farewell to her non-existent acting career.

Modeling:  Maybe it’s time Diana goes back from where she started. Her modeling career needs a phone call back. Put that height and figure to good use, ’cause trying to act is actually not working out too well.

Hair styling consultant: The only source of income Diana had after Cocktail was the endless set of advertisements with TRESemme. With this experience and her silky long hair, she could consider hair style consulting as a career option. She wouldn’t even have to show even a hint of acting calibre in that department.


Professional dog walker: Since she loved running so much in her movie ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi,’ we thought she would be fabulous as a dog walker. She doesn’t even have to attempt at comedy that way and everyone can live peacefully.


Teacher: Diana’s serious, emotionless, straight face could do her really well in the field of teaching. We can totally picture her as a strict no-nonsense language teacher, yelling at children for no fault at all.

Sales executive: Since her command over Hindi was the only commendable bit of Diana’s character Meera in Cocktail, we think its time she uses this talent well. Her shuddh bhasha might help get the listener to hear her voice for two minutes without getting bored.

So there you go Diana. We just laid out Plans B, C, D, E and F for you. You’re welcome! 

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