5 Annoying Things About Satyamev Jayate That Shah Rukh Khan Shouldn’t Repeat

Hopefully, SRK’s show will have less tears and more humour than Aamir’s.

SRK’s new show TED Talks: Nayi Soch will be starting on December 10. While we are excited about SRK’s new innings on television, we really hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a dud like his previous shows – Sabse Shaana Kaun and Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai.


For a change, SRK is not doing a game show, like most other stars. It’s a bit like Satyamev Jayate though, as both shows aim to bring a positive change in the mindset of the viewers. 

Despite the success of Satyamev Jayate as a show, there were a few things about it that we found extremely annoying. Hopefully, SRK steers clear of these things in his show. 

Incessant tears

Aamir Khan would start crying at the drop of the hat, and it’s difficult to imagine how somebody can have so much empathy with so many lights and cameras on them. The guests breaking down is understandable, because they have to air their pain on national television, but Aamir’s tears were too much to handle. A sorrowful face would have looked and felt more genuine, though we are not accusing Aamir of bringing his acting skills to the fore. Hopefully, SRK can be a little more chill about things.

Songs at the end of every episode

This was the silliest thing about the show. Every episode had to have a theme song. Probably it was just a way to appease the sponsors, or fill up time, but the logic of the whole thing is lost on us. Surely, a song at the end of every TED talks episode is going to rile us up big time. 


Lack of humor

Satyamev Jayate had very little humor going for it, and all the issues that were raised were sombre. If you look at international shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’ll see that he can raise the most serious issue with a touch of humour. SRK is known for his quick wit, and we hope to see more of that in the upcoming show.  


Dramatic background score

After someone made a painful confession, the makers would make sure there was a dramatic background score to heighten the pensive mood. Also, slow motion close-ups of audiences and the guests crying did not impress us much. We hope SRK’s show doesn’t see emotions being overplayed to this extent. 

Aamir’s attempt to be a saint

Aamir Khan tried to project this ‘holier than thou’ image of him through the show, making it seem like he was the most concerned person about all the problems that plague the country. We hope that SRK takes himself a little less seriously, and keeps his charming smile intact. 

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