5 Biopics We Would Love To See
5 Biopics We Would Love To See

It’s raining biopics in Bollywood, and we wouldn’t mind if these get added to the list.


It’s raining biopics in Bollywood, and the recent announcement of Aamir Khan agreeing to do a film based on the life of Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian in space has only added to the list. We can’t wait for that movie, and we can’t wait for Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt too. But, waiting isn’t going to get us anywhere, so we decided to make use of the time and rack up our brains to come up with five personalities whose biopics we would love to watch on screen.


Amitabh Bachchan



The man with India’s most loved baritone has an interesting story behind him that would make one hell of a movie. From his early days with renowned poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan as his father to his success as the angry young man of Indian cinema, Big B’s life has plenty of ups and downs to make for a gripping movie.


Lala Amarnath



Lala Amarnath has had a very interesting life which we would love to see on the big screen. He was India’s first Test centurion, but was dropped unceremoniously from the side. He avenged the injustice by making sure that his sons (including the great Mohinder Amarnath) became great cricketers too.


RK Narayan



If someone decides to make a biopic on RK Narayan’s life, they will not be short on research material. It’s said that his first three novels were semi-autobiographical and he has also written an autobiography called My Days.


Shah Rukh Khan



One of India’s biggest stories, Shah Rukh Khan’s meteoric rise as a superstar will make for compelling viewing. The movie could focus on his development as an actor, how he dealt with stardom to how he has brought up his kids. We wouldn’t mind a few fights and confrontations thrown in either.


Rajiv Gandhi



Rajiv Gandhi’s story is among the most interesting when it comes to Indian prime ministers. He was born in a political family and became the prime minister after his mother, Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Unfortunately, years later Rajiv met the same fate as his mother when he was killed in a bomb blast.

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