5 Celebs Who Have Spoken About Getting Cosmetic Surgery
5 Celebs Who Have Spoken About Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Here are 5 celebs who have spoken about either getting cosmetic surgery or having thought about it

While plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements are still talked about in hush-hush tones and looked at derisively, many celebrities have been outspoken about the issue and even admitted to having had work done.


Here are 5 celebs who have spoken about either getting plastic surgery or having thought about it:

Kylie Jenner

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The Kardashian-Jenner sister admitted to getting lip fillers and wrote about it on her app. “But as of now, I only have lip fillers…But I’m also someone who says ‘never say never.’ If, down the line, I get to a point where I’m really uncomfortable with something on my body, I’m not against changing it,” she wrote.


Cardi B

The rapper has been outspoken about her choice to go under the knife and has admitted to getting work done on her breasts and buttocks. In an interview, she said: “In order to get lipo, where they put the fat transfer in your ass and it gets bigger, you need to have fat. I did not have no type of fat. But I was desperate to have a bigger ass.”

Naya Rivera


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In her book, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, the Glee actress spoke about getting a breast augmentation when she was 18 years old. “People have a lot of opinions about plastic surgery, but more than 10 years after I got my boobs, they still make me happy when I look in the mirror,” she wrote.


Linda Evangelista

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The iconic supermodel admitted to having gotten botox. She told Bazaar.com that her mother was upset when she admitted to getting the surgery. “I said, ‘Mom everybody does it,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah but they don’t say it.’ So if I was the first one to tell the truth about using it then, why would I lie about it now?” Evangelista said.


Rakhi Sawant

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Rakhi Sawant is arguably one of the most entertaining people around and that’s because she’s never been one to shy away from owning her truth. According to iDiva, Sawant had once famously said “Jo cheez bhagwan nahi deta, woh ek doctor deta hai”.


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