Male-Centric Biopics Of 2023; Oppenheimer, Air And More
5 “Explosive” Male-Centric Biopics Of 2023

From nuclear secrets to basketball sneakers, this year saw an influx of male-dominated biopics on the big screen

Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” is set to ignite the screens (metaphorically) near you this weekend. The movie chronicles the life of the scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the creation of the atomic bomb. It is one of the many male-centric biopics that have been released or are yet to come out this year. From the origins of the Jordan brand to Napoleon, here’s our selection of noteworthy films.





Ben Affleck returned to the director’s chair with “Air” this year. The movie explores the game-changing partnership between rookie Michael Jordan and Nike’s basketball division, which shaped pop culture as we know it. Its star-studded cast also includes Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, and Chris Tucker.





Before the iPhone, BlackBerrys dominated the world of smartphones. The 2023 movie delves into the rise and fall of the tech behemoth, focusing on the lives of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie and their role in creating the world’s first smartphone.


Big George Foreman



Khris Davis takes the lead in this film about George Foreman, showcasing one of the greatest comebacks in boxing history. The movie delves into Foreman’s early life and his journey to becoming an Olympic Gold medalist and World Heavyweight Champion.


Spinning Gold



The entertainment industry loves making movies about itself, and “Spinning Gold” follows this tradition. The film centres on the life of Neil Bogart, founder of Casablanca Records, and his role in popularizing the American rock band ‘KISS’.





While we wait for the Joker sequel, Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix will be returning to the big screen this year for the second time, with director Ridley Scott. The two are set to tell the story of the French general Napoleon Bonaparte’s relentless pursuit of power.


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