5 Films To Watch If You Have Had A Terrible Day With Your Boss


You can achieve a lot in life, but winning against your boss is as improbable as being a billionaire overnight. That doesn’t mean you have to grit it out every day, and swallow bitter pills. We’ve selected 5 films that’ll either cheer you up – or make you thankful that at least your boss isn’t as bad as the one in a movie.


Yes Boss



If you want to see the height of sycophancy, watch Yes Boss. A film where Shah Rukh Khan (Rahul) goes to extreme lengths to appease his boss, but ultimately goes against him for Juhi Chawla (Seema) who he falls in love with.


Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year



Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year sees Ranbir Kapoor (Harpreet Singh Bedi) play a below-average salesman, who goes against his boss to form a company from within the organisation. His business does really well, as he doesn’t follow unfair practices and is focussed on serving the customer.





This 1979 classic is about Amol Palekar (Ram Prasad Sharma), who puts on a moustache, and pretends to be ignorant about sports just to please his boss Utpal Dutt (Bhavani Shankar). There’s plenty of humor and confusion as Amol Palekar has to continually fake his identity, and even falsely claim to have a twin brother who enjoys sports to rescue himself.





In this movie, Arjun Rampal (Rahul Verma) plays Chitrangada Singh’s (Maya Luthra) boss in an advertising agency. They share a romantic relationship, and Chitrangada rises through the ranks (colleagues attribute it to her relationship with Arjun) of the advertising agency really quick. Ultimately, things take a turn for the worse and Chitrangada accuses Arjun of sexual harassment.


Karthik Calling Karthik



If your boss has just given you the worst day of your life, this movie can be the perfect remedy. In one scene, Farhan Akhtar (Karthik) attempts to commit suicide after having a bad day with his boss. Fortunately, he doesn’t go ahead with his plan as he receives a phone call from a stranger (himself) who claims to change his life.

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