5 Govinda Dance Anthems That Still Make You Groove 90s Style
5 Govinda Dance Anthems That Still Make You Groove 90s Style

Happy Birthday Govinda, the original Bollywood dancing star.

It’s not an easy job being a comedian. Especially a goofball comedian like Govinda. During his hey days, Govinda would act in a lot of films, and a lot of them would become box-office hits because people like to watch films that does not require them to use their brain, and gives them plenty of fodder for laughing too. 


And Govinda was popular not just for his legendary comic timing, but also his superb dancing tracks that’ll make you forget about your worries. 

In an interview with Rediff, Govinda stated his frustration about how his films would never get appreciated by the masses. “My films have always been considered total time pass entertainment, as B-grade films. There were never called good films. They were never acclaimed even though they did well,” he said.

Well, you’ve earned your share of fans doing what you do best. 

Sarkaai lo Khatiya


A very sexual song with even more suggestive moves, this song is perfect for dancing after you’ve drunk three more pegs over and above your capacity. 

Stop That


Sung by Devang Patel, this song reeks of arrogance which is so over the top that it’s funny. “Madhuri Dixit mili raste mein, chane khaaye humne saste mein, usne kaha tere sang shaadi rachaau, ghar tere aake main paraathe pakau. Madhuri ko bol diya mere ghar na aana, Sri devi ko bol diya na baba na,” reads the lyrics. 

Main Toh Raste Se Jaa Raha Tha


Bhel puri vendors still owe a lot of their success to this song. 

Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare

This song is so catchy, it’ll be stuck in your head at least two days after you hear it. Also, don’t Govinda and Raveena Tandon make the best dance partners ever?


Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye

Again, a peppy number featuring Govinda and Raveena Tandon, there’s this ‘Unh’ undertone between certain lines. We wonder why they’ve put that effect. 


It’s a pity that great Govinda comedies aren’t happening anymore. Someone like David Dhawan should give him a supporting role in a Varun Dhawan film, considering VD is such a big fan of the man. 

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