5 Indian Men Who Look Better With Longer Hair


Not every man can pull off long locks, especially when it comes to our leading Bollywood men. If you remember Salman Khan’s Tere Naam disaster or Akshay Kumar’s cringe-worthy wig in Jaanwar (what the heck were they thinking?), you’d realise that Bollywood’s tryst with the long mane has mostly been an eyesore for the audience.  


But then, there are exceptions. There are a few Bollywood hunks who’ve carried the long hairdo with panache and have looked absolutely dapper in it. So, here’s our pick of celebrities who should never cut their hair.


Arjun Rampal



Former model and actor Arjun Rampal is known for experimenting with his looks for every film. And we definitely think he made women swoon (and not give them a reason to cringe) in the grungy long hairdo he sported for Rock On!.



Farhan Akhtar


Whether it is the man bun, or the unruly Jim Morrison hairdo in Rock On!, Farhan Akhtar knows how to rock longer locks. Apart from making women go weak in the knees with his peculiar hair styles, Farhan has also influenced scores of young men to give that look a try.  



Randeep Hooda



This hunk looked every inch desirable in Laal Rang, where he sported longer hair. And with his portrayal of the titular character in Main Aur Charles, he brought the sexy “messy long mane” back, yet again.



Ranveer Singh



This man possesses the flair to pull off any hairdo and look absolutely dapper in it. So whether it was the long wavy hairdo in Gunday or the longer mane in Ramleela coupled with that moustache, Ranveer Singh definitely knows how to do it like a boss.



Ranbir Kapoor



Finally steering away from his usual chocolate-boy personality, Ranbir experimented and emerged a winner with Rockstar, where he not only sported longer hair, but also a light beard. And damn, he looked every bit of a Rockstar in the film. We definitely think he needs to sport this look more often.

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