5 Interesting Segments From Kapil Sharma’s Episode On Koffee With Karan

In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered.

This week on Koffee With Karan, Kapil Sharma (India’s most popular stand-up comic) made his appearance and the show had us in splits. Initially, Karan was teased about how Kapil’s show was way more popular than his but as soon as the interview started, all envy was laid to rest and we had an interesting conversation to feast on.


In case you missed it, here are some interesting segments from the show.


Kapil Made No Bones About His Limited Vocabulary In English


Right at the beginning of his show, Kapil informed Karan that he was not very comfortable conversing in English. He also mentioned how he would often not understand the words Karan used on his show, and revealed that the biggest English word he knew was apologize.


Kapil Inherited His Sense Of Humour From His Parents


Kapil revealed that his parents would often fight, and the way they insulted each other was quite funny. Both his father and mother had an excellent sense of humour, and the comedian credited them for his natural comic timing.


Kapil Has A Huge Crush On Deepika


Throughout the show, Kapil couldn’t stop gushing about how fascinated he was with Deepika Padukone. So much so that he must have mentioned her name 10 times (we didn’t count, but you get the drift). Hmm, we wonder what Ranveer Singh has to say to him the next time he comes on The Kapil Sharma show.


Kapil Once Gatecrashed SRK’s Party


Kapil once recollected how he once gatecrashed Shah Rukh Khan’s party (for Dilwale) at his house Mannat. Nobody doubted Kapil and let him enter, thinking that SRK must have invited him. Fortunately, SRK was gracious in welcoming him and there was no love lost between the two.


Kapil Doesn’t Care About Jealousy From Other Comedians


Karan grilled Kapil about the fact that his success must have made his other friends jealous, particularly those who started with him in Star’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Kapil said he was too focussed on his own work to care about these things and also added that if he found a comedian to be good, he would ask him/her to perform on his own show.

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