5 Inventions That Could Be Featured On Black Mirror’s Latest Season
5 Inventions That Could Be Featured On Black Mirror’s Latest Season

Everything from self driving cars to customizable exoskeletons could be featured on the fifth season of Black Mirror

We’ve all become synonymous with Black Mirror and the show’s creepy predictions for modern day inventions, some of which have already come true. That is primarily the essence of the show, to fast forward into the future and show how technology will eventually take over human beings.


Netflix’s Twitter had accidentally posted the release date for the fifth season of Black Mirror, Forbes had reported. This led fans to go ahead and speculate what kind of new inventions would the show showcase in their new season. 


Here, we look at five possible inventions that could feature on an episode from the new season of Black Mirror:




Spray-On Touch Screens


Yes, the show is full of touch screens on gizmos, on cars and on people, but this invention could definitely make it into an episode. The can allows you to turn any solid area you spray on, a working touch screen.


The invention is unique and weird at the same time, perfect for Black Mirror.




Customizable Exoskeletons


Exoskeletons have been in the works for a long time now, but now they finally are a reality. These exoskeletons provide people with disabilities a chance to walk much more easily. But, research on exoskeletons being used for other purposes have surfaced. Their aim is to let these machines help humans exceed their normal capabilities by helping them run faster or jump higher. 


Definitely could see this being on an episode of the show. 




Smart Helmets


The helmet shows weather updates, speed, traffic, directions, etc. on a screen while you ride. It still seems way too futuristic for 2018, but is almost perfect for an episode on the show.


You can read more about the helmet here.




Self-Driving Cars


Self-Driving cars have been here for a while, but surprisingly, they haven’t been featured on an episode of the show. It did feature for a few seconds in the “Hang the DJ” episode, but what was shown was a self-driven rickshaw on a fixed road and not a proper car. So, maybe this fifth season, we could see some cars driving themselves.




Roads That Power Your Car As You Drive On It


Electric cars is the future, and the future is all what Black Mirror is about. So, electric vehicles have and will naturally be featured on an episode, but this invention could also possibly star in one.


Instead of getting tangled up in cables to charge your electric cars, this road will wirelessly charge them as you drive over it. 


This invention won’t just look good in a Black Mirror episode, but will even be for a normal future for earth if everyone moves on to electric cars than petrol run cars.

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