5 Reasons Why Abhay Deol Gives Us BFF Goals
5 Reasons Why Abhay Deol Gives Us BFF Goals

Happy Birthday, Abhay Deol.

Happy Birthday Abhay Deol,


I wish I could see you in more movies, but I understand that you’ll not do something that does not match your exceptionally high standards. Probably, you’re looking to push the envelope when it comes to making path-breaking cinema, but aren’t able to find the directors who share your vision. Probably, you’re happy exploring yourself as a person before you get back into the shoes of some character that you’re supposed to enact. 


That said, on your birthday, I’d like to enlist a few reasons why you would be an ideal BFF for me. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but consider this as a humble gift.


You’re experimental


Doing films like Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local and Manorama Six Feet Under shows that you don’t like to stick to your comfort zone. That is something that I can learn a lot from. Also, I must add that you do complete justice to your name that means fearless. 


You don’t care about competition


“If winning the rat race is the measure of success, then I’m a failure. Success has a lot to do with what one values,” you said in an interview with TOI. Indeed, that is something that I believe in too, because I don’t look at other people’s success or failures and just focus on what I can improve about myself. 


You charted your own path


Considering you had the Deol surname, you could have easily started off as an action hero, but you didn’t. You chose to do a romantic comedy with Socha Na Tha. And you aced it, with perfection. I like people who go against the norm. 


You stand up for causes



You stood up for the cause of racism promoted by so many fairness products infiltrating the market, and criticised the celebrities who endorsed them. Even me, I like to stand up when something is wrong, even though it may not affect me personally.


Your comic timing is out of this world


Especially in the dark comedy that Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local was. Who doesn’t want a friend who can be funny without trying to resort to goofy behavior? 

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