5 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Gives Us BFF Goals
5 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Gives Us BFF Goals

Not a woman to mince her words, Kangana Ranaut has a reputation of being blatantly honest.


Not a woman to mince her words, Kangana Ranaut has a reputation of speaking her mind and is blatantly honest in an industry which thrives on being politically correct most of the times. Which is why, her debut on the latest episode of Koffee with Karan became one of the most fiery episodes on Indian TV history where she openly declared she has no interest in working with the Khans.


Moreover, this gutsy lady also mentioned that it was host Karan Johar’s mockery of her English that drove her to work on her dialect. And we think with all the honesty and straightforwardness, this three-time National Award Winner surely gives us BFF goals and here are a few reasons why. Take a look. 


She’s brutally honest



She practices what she preaches. Kangana Ranaut is renowned for being fearless, frank and someone who refuses to live by industry conventions. Of course, trust is an essential foundation to build a relationship on and we think Kangana’s honesty and trustworthiness is beyond compare. 





Her Sincerity



She is sincere and open minded in her approach to life and living and what more does one want? Sincerity, simplicity and truthfulness are essential elements in sustaining friendships and relationships and this woman is the epitome of it all. 



Her intelligence



Not one to mince her words, Kangana is one of the most opinionated women in the industry and on most occasions, she imparts some rather sane advice.  



She’s one of the guys 



Did you know Kangana Ranaut was a basketball player during her school days? And once she admitted to being interesting in cars and bikes which definitely makes her BFF material. 



Is a nerd 



She is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to read books. A reason to rejoice for you nerds out there. 

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