5 Reasons Why Rajeev Khandelwal Can Never Be A Bollywood Star
5 Reasons Why Rajeev Khandelwal Can Never Be A Bollywood Star

The actor is rumoured to be making a comeback on television soon

It’s not uncommon for hit television actors to give Bollywood a shot and fall flat on the face. But the case of Rajeev Khandelwal has been a curious one to say the least. You have to give the poor guy some credit though for some pretty good performances in films, like Aamir and Shaitan, over the years. But he’s never really been able to make it big in B-Town and is now rumoured to be returning to our TV sets in the near future.


And it could even prove to be the right choice for the actor, who somehow doesn’t seem to have the makings of a Bollywood Superstar. Here’s why.


There’s a lot in a name


Shakespeare did raise the question that what’s in a name, but we all know that Bollywood doesn’t function that way. From Yusuf Khan (aka the legend Dilip Kumar) to Rajiv Bhatia (our very own Khiladi Akshay Kumar), actors have adopted more glamorous monikers as opposed to names like Rajeev Khandelwal.


Too unconventional?


Okay, so our man Mr Khandelwal might have been a heartthrob back in his Kahiin Toh Hoga days and the charm might even be carried over to some female fan clubs till date, but he honestly doesn’t have a face for a Bollywood actor. Ask Tushar Kapoor and Uday Chopra about it.


Flash a little skin


In the age of the chiseled Bollywood actor, wherein even the veteran likes of Shah Rukh Khan have to maintain flaunt-worthy abs, Rajeev’s physique is a mere shadow of his contemporaries. However much you want to hate Tiger Shroff, he still has a considerably large fan base that can mostly be attributed to his fitness.


One direction


Imagine Khandelwal in a funny role alongside, say, a Paresh Rawal. Totally feels like a square peg in a round hole, right? With the sort of roles that the Table No 21 actor has taken up so far, it’s hard to associate him with something mainstream like a Bollywood comedy.


No oil in PR machinery


Another important aspect (or the lack of it thereof) can be called the biggest loophole in Rajeev Khandelwal’s career. A lot of the media people think that he is a snob and doesn’t come across as too humble. That’s definitely not the right image to portray if you are aspiring to find your feet in Bollywood.

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