5 reasons why you should give Singh is Bliing a miss
5 reasons why you should give Singh is Bliing a miss

This is not a drill. If you value your sanity, do not watch this film.



So Akshay Kumar, after the terrible drudgery of bhaigiri in Brothers, is back to doing what he does best – be a Punjabi. Here’s the trailer of Singh Is Bliing. And this time he has Prabhudeva, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta and – wait for it – Kay Kay Menon to boot. If you are not already groaning about how crappy this line up is, we give you 5 reasons that will definitely convince you.


What on earth does the name mean?


Singh is BLIING? With two ‘I’s? Why? What? Where? How? Does he wear a lot of jewellery? Is wearing a lot of jewellery a Singh thing now after black rappers and Bappi Lahiri? Am I over thinking this? I want a joint of what Akshay Kumar is smoking.



Too. Much. Testosterone.


Punjabis are manly. We get it. We’ve been to Delhi. We know how they wear their hearts on their sleeves and punch goons for their love interests. Or because their car got a knick in a traffic jam. 100 years of Bollywood and Kapoor domination has taught us that. Stop playing the same ol’ record please. After Salman flexing his Pandey ji muscles for the Hindi heartland and Ajay Devgn cashing in on the Marathi manoos, here’s a Punjabi going all ik omkar on the villain’s ass. Creative indeed.



Was that Lara Dutta?


In a two-minute trailer, Lara Dutta is seen for just 5 seconds. In a frumpy dress and Rita Skeeter glasses. We get it that you want to cash in on Amy Jackson in a bikini and her firangi skin colour (because don’t we drool over anything that is firangi?), but Lara Dutta is a bigger name, now isn’t she? Also, is this her comeback vehicle after vanishing from Bollywood? So. Many. Questions. As for Amy, I hope she knows she is in the film just for booty quotient.



Kay Kay Menon, we officially hate you  


This is probably going to be Menon’s worst film. Ever. Enough said. We are in shock.



Whoever wrote this film should be arrested



So young Punjabi lad Singh (because an almost 50 actor can still be a “young lad”) is absolutely useless – hated by strict father and adored by forever-feeding mother stereotype – and chooses to go away to Goa rather than marry really obese Sweety (father’s friend’s daughter – dosti ko rishtedaari and all that) in his village. In Goa, he falls in love with white chick Amy who is betrothed to local thug Menon (who is always in a white suit) and then war ensues – for love, that is. So tell me this: If Sweety was thin and hot, Singh wouldn’t go anywhere, right? Wait. Am I over thinking this again? Get me a joint of what Akshay Kumar is smoking.



Or what Menon was smoking when he did that.

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