5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Buying Justin Bieber’s Concert Tickets

Here’s compiling a list of things you can do instead.


Let’s face the truth. Justin Bieber’s fan following comprises millennials who’re still struggling hard to make ends meet in this fast-paced world. Some of them have not even entered the workspace; they’re still students, to be precise. And you can’t compare this to Woodstock for which veteran fans can afford to splurge (out of their savings) to see their favourite rock band reunite and perform.


Which is why, the pricing of Justin Bieber’s concert tickets in Mumbai come as a surprise to many which ranges from Rs 4000 to a whopping 76K. So here’s compiling a list of things you can do instead of wasting away all of your (most probably you parents’) savings. Take a look.


An iPhone 7



Because why not.






It’s going to get hotter, everyone. Summer is coming.



Pay your landlord security money



This is called spending money wisely.



A DSLR camera



Get creative. Take up photography as a hobby.



Netflix subscription 



That too, for more than a decade. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? 

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