5 Times Shah Rukh Khan Played Grey Characters
5 Times Shah Rukh Khan Played Grey Characters

A look at SRK’s non-romantic roles from the past, ahead of another one in Raees


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is breaking free from the mould of romantic characters, which have earned him his place in the industry, for his next release Raees and will be seen playing an impresario-gangster. But this isn’t the first time that SRK is donning different hues on screen.


Here’s a look at the grey sides of King Khan’s movie persona.





Regarded as one of SRK’s best performances, the psychological thriller saw him play an obsessive lover. His fixation on his college crush, who eventually gets engaged to her boyfriend, brings out the crazy maniac inside him. With the famous ‘KKKK…Kiran’ dialogue, the film has earned a sort of cult status over the years.






This thriller also had a similar narrative to it as Shah Rukh’s character is again obsessed with a woman, who he thinks he loves. But what triggers the psycho inside him this time is a rejection to his marriage proposal. The superstar received critical acclaim for this role too and even took home a Filmfare for it.



Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna



This underrated display from SRK was about a promising young footballer whose budding career is cut short by a horrific foot injury. Some years later, the frustrated ex-footballer finds himself raising a son in the middle of a failing marriage and ends up breaking up another.



Chak De! India



A welcome break from many of his 2000s movies, Chak De was probably the best movie of SRK’s career. Accused of being treacherous to his country, he plays a former hockey player who returns to coach the women’s team of his country and salvage some lost pride. Despite plenty of actresses in the movie, Shah Rukh’s character isn’t seen romantically involved with anyone.






The last film from the Badshah of Bollywood had him playing a double role as an adaptation of himself and an over-enthusiastic fan; with the latter going to any extent to get a chance to meet his idol. Interestingly, there was no song in the movie, nor a central love theme to it.

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