5 Works Of Khushwant Singh That Should Be Adapted Into Films
5 Works Of Khushwant Singh That Should Be Adapted Into Films

Today is Khushwant Singh’s 103rd birth anniversary, and the man is remembered for much more than his hilarious jokes.

Today is Khushwant Singh’s 103rd birth anniversary. His sharp wit, his impeccable insight on the human condition, and his appetite for making controversial statements — these are all qualities that make him so endearing.


He was a great raconteur and we are sure that if his works are adapted into films, they’ll do great.


The Portrait of A Lady (Short Story)


While there are so many films made about young couples in love, where are the ones based on a young child and his relationship with his grandmother? This one’s a heart-rending tale that will probably move you to tears.


Truth, Love And A Little Malice (Autobiography)


Why, not a biopic based on the controversial man based on his autobiography? It’ll sure make for an interesting film, and have a healthy dose of humour too.


The Sunset Club (Novel)


The Sunset Club is a conversational book about three friends — Pandit Preetam Sharma, Nawab Barkatullah Baig and Sardar Boota Singh who meet during the sunset hour every day in a garden. It’ll make for a great low budget film, and give an opportunity for yesteryear actors to once again showcase their skills.


Delhi: A Novel


A love story between a young journalist and a eunuch, this erotic tale will need one hell of a writer and a director to pull off with justice. It’s assumed that the protagonist is based on the Khushwant Singh himself, so it would take two great actors as well. If we had to cast someone it would Ranveer Singh and Jim Sarbh, given their irresistible chemistry in Padmaavat.


Paradise (Short Story)


Margaret Bloom arrives in Haridwar from New York to save her soul. But she soon discovers that there are temptations even on the banks of the holy Ganga,” reads Penguin’s description of the titular short story of this book. It will make a great international film, with a nice director making Haridwar seem like an exotic land of beautiful things.


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