6 Things You Need To Know About Before Watching Captain Marvel
6 Things You Need To Know About Before Watching Captain Marvel

Prepare yourself before you head to the theatre

Captain Marvel releases in two days and there is a lot you need to know about. This Marvel film is unlike any other, not only does it release at a critical period in the Marvel cinematic universe, but it is also the first women-centric film by the studio. It isn’t another Iron Man or Spider-Man movie because it brings a lot of Marvel’s past into the film and also might give us a taste of what’s to come. 


So here are the 6 things you should definitely know about before watching Captain Marvel:




The Life Of Carol Danvers





Captain Marvel isn’t solely about blasting beams, explosions and punching bad guys, but it actually deals a lot with the personal life and past of Carol Danvers, played by the Oscar winning actress, Brie Larson. Carol is a retired airforce pilot who is half human and half kree. Marvel has cut out the long and complicated backstory of Danvers for the film to make it a little more intriguing and less boring for the first time audience. 






The Kree





The Kree are a technologically advanced race of aliens with blue skin and human features. If this does sound familiar then your guess is right, Yondu and Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy belong to the Kree race. Carol Danver also is half-kree after she became a human-kree hybrid due to an accident that ended up altering her DNA.






The Skrulls





The skrulls are the Kree’s biggest enemy. The major advantage that the skrulls have is that they can shape-shift. They can take the shape and form of anyone who they believe they need to attack, by psychologically destroying relationships between aliens and superheroes, as well as easily infiltrate other planets and do the damage from within. Looper mentions a possibility that the skrulls could already be part of of the MCU in the shape of characters we probably love and maybe, Captain Marvel or Endgame could be the films that reveal them.






Her Binary Form





Captain Marvel’s binary form makes her one of the most strongest superheroes of all time. Captain Marvel was able to turn binary after an evil alien life-force, the Broods, abducted and experimented on her, further augmenting her already altered DNA. The binary form helps transform herself into an mega-energy being that allows her to lift over 100 tons and fly at the speed of light. 











The trailer showed a small scene where you see Carol, along with other beings behind her, all in a green uniform. This, is the Starforce, an army that fights for the Kree against their enemies and invaders. We’ve already been introduced to one Starforce member, Korath, who appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. 






Not Just A Pet Cat





If you thought that this was just a small cute cat, you are terribly mistaken. Goose is actually an alien named Flerken, which just physically resembles a cat but has tentacles and sharp teeth in its mouth, can lay thousands of eggs in a matter of minutes, possess human level intellect and have pocket realities of space and time within their bodies. 

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