Subplots We Hope Will Be Part Of 'Thor: Love And Thunder'
7 Things We Wish Will Be Part Of The Upcoming ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Movie 

Heavy spoilers ahead!

Marvel recently dropped the second trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder yesterday, giving us a closer look at a very beefed-up Natalie Portman’s Jane Thor and Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher. 


The upcoming Thor sequel directed by Taika Waititi appears to blend two major comic book storylines—Thor: God of Thunder #5 and Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor (2022) #1, and while the latter looks like a faithful interruption of the storyline, we have some reservations about the former.  


However, it is unfair to form an opinion based on the 5 minutes of footage we’ve seen so far from the trailers. That said, here are some bits we hope have made it to the scripts. Warning! Heavy spoilers ahead. 


1) Gorr’s tragic origins 




Unlike many moustache-twirling comic-book villains, Gorr’s origin story is rooted in deep tragedy. Once a normal citizen of an unknown planet, Gorr and his family were forced to roam on an increasingly hostile planet with barren land and lack of water being the norm. 


While no gods helped them his tribe maintained their blind faith hoping for salvation. Once his mother, mate and children perished due to the environment, he renounced his gods, which lead to him being exiled. This led to him announcing revenge on all gods, vowing to “kill them all.”


2) The Necrosword 




While the trailer did give us a brief glimpse of Gorr’s main weapon and it doesn’t exactly look like its comic book counterpart. In the comics, the all-black Necrosword was once used by Knull, who’s described as the creator of all symbiotes. It is said that sword was used to “carved the first dawn from the stone of the endless night” If we’re going for comic book accuracy, the all-black Necrosword might just be one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe, rivalling the Infinity Gauntlet. 


3) The Time-Travelling Thors 



Jason Aaron’s God Butcher series introduces us to not one, but three different Thors. A young and reckless Thor Odinson, who’s yet to claim Mjolnir, the present-day Avenger Thor and an old-man King Thor. However, considering the addition of the Jane Foster storyline, we doubt if Waiti will integrate any of the elements from the comic. This is slightly disappointing when we think about all the banter we would be missing out on among three different Chris Hemsworths. 


4) Jane Foster and Her Illness



One of the driving forces behind the Jane Foster-Thor storyline is her on-going struggle with cancer. Without going into details, the reason Mjolnir chooses Jane is because of her ability to sacrifice herself for the greater good. This is sentiment is echoed throughout the comic book when every time Jane becomes Thor her cancer treatment is scrubbed away. So each time she picks up the hammer, the closer she moves to death. 


5) Different Gods and Their Powers



One of the many interesting things to come out of Jason Aaron’s run was the introduction of many cosmic as well as planetary deities. Each with its own set of quirks and powers, ranging from the ‘God of Hunt’ to ‘God of Wine.’ So far the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t fully explored the concept of high-powered celestial beings or just the concept of gods in general. While we do see Russel Crowe’s Zeus making an appearance, we’d also like to see Taika going crazy by showcasing us different types of strange cosmic deities. 


6) The Story Behind Mjolnir 



While not directly related to the God butcher series or the Jane Foster Thor series, the upcoming sequel has a chance to explore how Mjolnir was made. While Thor does allude to its origins in the movies, it’s never really explored further. 


In the comic book, an elder god in the shape of a cosmic thunderstorm, known as God Tempest was trapped by Odin inside an Uru, which was then given to the Dwarves to forge a weapon out of. Imagine all of this being visualized on the big screen. It’d be quite a sight. 


7) The Galactus Tease



In the comic book, the series ends with the all-father Thor in a face-off against Galactus, to save Midgard. To defeat Galactus, the lord of thunder takes the help of the all-black Necrosword, which somehow ends up in the hands of the world-devouring celestial. Now, we’re not saying that we want things to happen exactly this way. But considering Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie is already in the works, this would be the best time to bring in the MCU’s next big baddie. 


(Image credits: Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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