A Look At Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Relationship Timeline
20 Years of Bennifer: A Detailed Timeline Of The Ups, Downs and Everything In Between

Their two-decades-long relationship has been filled with ups and downs, and packed with drama, too

The world is abuzz with talks of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s very new marriage, which was too late, but not too little for sure. Last year, the estranged couple rekindled their romance, after parting ways with their former partners, Ana De Armas and Alex Rodrigues. Their two-decades-long relationship has been filled with ups and downs, and packed with drama, too. Here’s taking a look at the couple’s relationship timeline — from meeting to splitting and meeting again to finally tying the knot.  


2001: The First Rush  

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This was the year that officially heralded the Bennifer era — the two were working their way up into Hollywood and reportedly met on the sets of the movie Gigli. Post which, rumours of them being together started surfacing. During this time, Lopez filed for a divorce with her second husband, Cris Judd, and soon after, she and Affleck went public with their relationship. 


2002: Love Does Cost A Thing

Bennifer fans were on tenterhooks all of 2002 with Affleck proposing to JLo. The actor popped the question with a $2.5-million-worth pink diamond and she said, yes. In an interview, JLo confirmed the news and was often caught flaunting her rock at public events.  

2003: Trouble In Paradise 

Even as fans waited for the couple’s D-day, the two released a joint statement, a few days short of the wedding, stating that it was postponed. According to reports that emerged back in the day, it was pressure from the media that made Affleck and JLo take this step.  

2004: If You Had My Love

Speculation around Bennifer’s split started first in 2004, following the postponement of the wedding. That year, JLo’s spokesperson put all tittle-tattle to rest, by announcing the couple’s breakup, much to the fans’ chagrin.  Later that year, the pop singer would get hitched to her long-time friend and singer-songwriter, Marc Anthony. The two even welcomed twins in 2008 and stayed together until 2011.  

2005: Moving On, Getting Better

After JLo and Anthony’s wedding, Affleck too followed suit and tied the knot with actress, Jennifer Garner. Together, they had three kids — a son, Samuel and daughters Voilet and Seraphina. They separated in 2018.  

2021: Get It Right

Many years since their separation and a global health disaster later, the stars finally started aligning for Bennifer. In 2021, both JLo and Affleck were dating different people — JLo was engaged to Alex Rodriguez, whereas Affleck was with Ana De Armas. But destiny had other plans, as both those relationships ended. And soon, the two were spotted spending time together.   

2022: Dance Again

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In JLo’s personal fan newsletter, she announced her engagement with Affleck again in April. This time, not with a pink, but a light green diamond. Yesterday, as the two tied the knot during an intimate wedding in LA, life came full circle for the two, even if it took 20 years.  


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