Aamir Khan Reveals His Son Junaid Wants To Be Part Of The Film Industry
Aamir Khan Reveals His Son Junaid Wants To Be Part Of The Film Industry

“I warned him that he has chosen a tough path,” Aamir said

Aaamir Khan was the third guest on Karan’s show, Koffee With Karan, and the two spent time talking about almost everything. Karan did try to get some gossip out of Aamir throughout the show, but he proved that he is one tough nut to crack. Aamir was happy to talk about his children’s thoughts on films though.


While speaking to Karan, the actor said, “I think Junaid wants to be in films. He wants to act, he also wants to direct and make a film. I warned him that he has chosen a tough path. He happens to be my son and there will always be comparisons. It’ll be probably tougher for him.”


Aamir made sure, that he made his point clear about him not being like other stars who will support their kids no matter what. He revealed that he would be very critical and would not give his support if he thinks he is not deserving.


“When he said that he wanted to go and train as an actor, the first thing I said was, ‘Look, you should follow your heart and do what you want. But when the time comes for you to take your first step as an actor, if I feel that you are not good enough, I will tell you that on your face and I won’t actively do anything to support you.’ Because that will be unfair for the film and it will be unfair for the audience,” Aamir said.


“If you’re good, then you’ll get opportunities. Perhaps from me, perhaps from others. That goes for Ira as well,” he added.


Aamir shared how he has a feeling that his daughter, Ira is interested in films too. “I’m not quite sure what she has in mind but I suspect that she likes the world of cinema and filmmaking. So maybe that’s where she would want to go, I don’t know,” he said.


Another star kid entering Bollywood is in no way surprising, so someone like Junaid, would need to work twice as hard to prove that they deserves to be part of the industry.

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