Bollywood Actors Who Gained Weight For Their Roles
Aamir Khan, Nimrat Kaur, And Other Bollywood Actors Who Put on Weight For Their Roles

Here are some actors have pushed the envelope and dared to put on weight based on the demand of the script

Audiences have always looked up to actors when it comes to getting the motivation to maintain fitness and acquiring a chiseled physique. A lot of stars use their social media platforms to inspire fans to take up a healthy lifestyle and sweat it out in the gym. However, while staying fit is important in the industry, there are time when stars are asked to gain weight based on the script.

Here’s a list of actors who sacrificed their fitness goals and went through some extreme diets for the movie they were doing:


Aamir Khan in Dangal 

Aamir Khan is known for being a perfectionist. In Dangal, he played the role of a Haryanavi wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat. The actor went from 68 to 95kg to fit the role of the older Phogat, and then reduced to 70kg to play a younger version of the wrestler.


Kriti Sanon in Mimi

Kriti Sanon gained 15 kilos for Mimi in which she played the role of a surrogate mother. Kriti wanted to gain weight for the second schedule of the film so that she would look realistically pregnant instead of just using prosthetics.


Hrithik Roshan in Super 30

In this 2019 film, Hrithik Roshan played Anand Kumar, a middle-class Math teacher who comes up with the revolutionary educational programme called ‘Super 30’. As per reports, fitness enthusiast Hrithik had to sacrifice his six-pack physique, and put on a lot of weight to suit the character’s transition from a young man to a middle-aged adult.


Vidya Bala in The Dirty picture

The versatile Vidya Balan had to gain weight for The Dirty Picture. This movie changed the course of the actress’s career. She had apparently gained 12 kilos to resemble yesteryear’s siren, Silk Smitha.


Nimrat Kaur in Dasvi

For her character of Bimla Devi in Dasvi, Nimrat Kaur had to really look different. The actress went on a diet that had her consume samosas. She gained 15kg to get into character.


Priyanka Chopra in 7 Khoon Maaf

Priyanka Chopra had to gain a few kilos to play the older character in 7 Khoon Maaf. She played the role of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, who tries to find love, but six of seven times, her husbands’ flaws prove fatal. It showed Susanna through the years and that required Priyanka to put on some weight.


Kangana Ranaut in Thalaivi

Kangana Ranaut reportedly gained and then lost 20 kilos to play the role of politician Jayalalitha in Thalaivi. 


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