"Wear A Smile Or A Smirk And Keep Your Sense Of Humour Intact When Dressed In A Suit" - Neha Sharma
“Wear A Smile Or A Smirk And Keep Your Sense Of Humour Intact When Dressed In A Suit” – Neha Sharma

Actress Neha Sharma has some style advice for all the men out there.


Actress Neha Sharma’s take on men, style and how to look good







  • Style should be individual and independent of what’s in fashion. Trends change, but style is eternal.





  • Comfort is the key. You should wear the clothes instead of the clothes wearing you. Your personality should shine through in what you wear.





  • Buy what you know works for your body, and only buy it if fits well. The right fit is everything.





  • Money shouldn’t define taste; confidence should. Today, everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes, even if they are just jeans with a T shirt.





  • Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise and be more creative. Mixing and matching is a great way to have fun with dressing.






  • Black and white are the best colours on men, according to me. I love men in basics in these two colours.





  • A great pair of shoes always draws attention. Make sure you pick the right style to go with your ensemble.





  • Wear a smile or a smirk and keep your sense of humour intact when dressed in a suit. Nothing is more attractive than a man in a suit and a few jokes handy.

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