Adipurush Teaser Receives Massive Flak For Bad VFX
Twitter User Explains What Really Went Wrong With ‘Adipurush’ VFX 

He further added that it will roughly take about Rs. 1500 crores to make a VFX-film look good

The news of Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan coming together for a film created quite a stir on the Internet. After all, the two are the most bankable names in the industry right now. People were eagerly waiting for updates on Adipurush, but were not very impressed by the teaser that was just released a couple of hours ago. A Twitter user shared the reason why the new clip was so disappointing.  


More than the story, what irked the audience was the bad VFX and CGI. Many Twitter users dubbed the teaser as “cartoonish” and “disappointing”. A user even tweeted, “Even this 30-year-old animated #Ramayan looks fresher than the animated #Adipurush lmao.” So what really went wrong when making the film? Well, an engineer, who also loves to work on VFX as a hobby, decoded the secret!  

No Real Locations 

According to the Twitter user, the film was shot on a sound stage, in front of a blue screen. This hugely affected the VFX bit. Why, you ask? Dhruv explains, “In real environment, the work of VFX team reduces by 50% directly as they don’t have to create the virtual environment. You also get real lighting and you can use HDRI for lighting the scene. This makes it photoreal in the first place. But it didn’t happen.” 


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The Budget 

VFX-laden films in Hollywood are generally made on a budget of $250 million whereas the budget for Adipurush was around $30 million. This resulted in a compromise on the VFX budget. He added that it will take roughly a budget of 1500 crores to make a film look good.  


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The Characters 

Dhruv pointed out that a film with superheroes can be made on a smaller budget, but since Adipurush had characters like the monkeys. the monsters, people who could fly – the VFX bit became more difficult.  


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No VFX Supervisor 

The user also pointed out how the film needed a good VFX supervisor who could have guided the team and told them what would work for the film and what would not. “He will change the movie completely,” the Twitter user added.  


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Bad Decisions By The Makers 

The Twitter user felt that the director’s call on how and what scenes should be shot where was very ignorant. More real locations and fewer animals would have made the Adipurush teaser and the film look better.  


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Adipurush is based on the epic Ramayana, directed by Om Raut. The film also stars Kriti Sanon as Sita, and Sunny Singh as Lakshman. The film is scheduled to release on January 12, 2023. 


(Featured Image Credits: YouTube @tseries)  

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