Adira, Saint and the celebrity penchant for unique baby names
Adira, Saint and the celebrity penchant for unique baby names

Rani Mukerji’s tot has a safe yet cheesy name, while Kim Kardashian’s son joins Hollywood’s questionably named babies

Congratulations are in order for actor Rani Mukerji and her film-maker husband Aditya Chopra, who have just had a baby girl. They’ve named her Adira – Hebrew for ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’. That’s a pretty name, and it’s unique too, till you realise it’s also Adi(tya) + Ra(ni). Coincidence? We think not.


Logic has often gone out the window when parents try to come up with creative names for their kids. Especially in the case of celebrities, who feel compelled to give their kid a name no one has heard before. The Bachchans named Abhishek and Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya, and Hrithik Roshan’s sons are Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Chances are, you’ll bump into their namesakes very soon, because film-crazy fans are paying homage to their favourite stars by naming their offspring after said star’s progeny. You definitely already know of an Aryan, Aarav or Kiaan, because Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Karisma Kapoor made these names trendy years ago.


In recent time, though, the obsession with being unique has led people to give their kids woeful names that they’ll be stuck with forever. While Rani and Aditya had the good sense to ensure that their tot’s name at least made sense, another set of new parents – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – showed no such tact. Already parents to a little girl, North, they came up with a more nonsensical name for their just-born son. Apparently his name, Saint, is to reflect the hard time the couple had while conceiving him.


We’re betting aunt Kourtney Kardashian had a say in Saint’s christening. Her second son, almost a year old, has a while to go before he realizes why his name – Reign – is going to be a colossal pain. Although, hanging out with Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter) or Bronx Mowgli (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s son) might make him feel a wee bit better.


For those poking fun at Rani and Aditya for combining their names, remember that they aren’t a patch on some of the most awful celebrity baby names of all time. Here are some:


Jamie Oliver – Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear Maurice


Jason Lee – Pilot Inspektor


Nicholas Cage – Kal-El


Bob Geldof – Fifi Trixiebell


Michael Jackson – Blanket


Jermaine Jackson – Jermajesty


Toni Braxton – Denim, Diezel


Sylvester Stallone – Sage Moonblood


Robert Rodriguez – Racer, Rocket, Rogue and Rebel


Arthur Ashe – Camera


David Duchovny and Tea Leoni – Kyd


Woody Allen and Mia Farrow – Satchel


Frank Zappa – Diva Thin Muffin


Alicia Silverstone – Bear


Chris Brown – Royalty

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