Allu Arjun’s Net Worth: A Peek Into The ‘Pushpa’ Star’s Riches!

Ever since his debut over two decades ago, Allu Arjun AKA Bunny has crafted a reputation for blowing up the box office and winning over the hearts of millions of fans. All of this success results in plenty of money in the bank — so where does the actor like to spend his cash?

Recently honored by New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams, and fresh on the sets of Pushpa 2, Telugu actor Allu Arjun’s hot streak has seen him through a variety of successful projects, endorsements, and accolades over the last few years.


With more high-profile films on the horizon, we thought to dive deeper into Arjun’s luxurious lifestyle, business operations, and of course, his immense net worth.


How Much Is Allu Arjun’s Net Worth?



According to Asianet, Arjun’s total net worth amounts to a massive Rs. 350 crores or $47 million, as of June 2022. Much of this income can be attributed to Arjun’s high-value film deals, which result in an average yearly income of Rs. 24 crores. He’s already set to break this record, however, with an Rs. 32 remuneration for last year’s Pushpa: The Rise, and a reported Rs. 100 crore windfall for the film’s sequel, which has just started filming.


Allu Arjun’s Brand Endorsements and Investments



In addition to his film earnings, Allu Arjun also nets a solid Rs. 4 crores for a variety of brand associations such as Frooti, Rapido, Aha Video, Zomato, and more.


The actor has also dabbled with financially backing promising new startups, such as Hyderabad’s CallHealth Services — a medical consultation company that offers diagnostics, medical delivery, nursing care, and other health needs through a digital platform.


Allu Arjun’s Property



Allu Arjun’s primary residence is in Hyderabad — a lavish 8,000-square-foot home located within a 2-acre estate in the city’s famous Jubilee Hills neighborhood. With primo furnishings, a private pool, and plenty of space for guests, valued the estate at around Rs. 100 crore, making it the actor’s most valuable possession.


Bunny also has purchased other properties throughout the country to expand his real estate portfolio — most notable a 2BHK in Mumbai that he acquired back in 2015, as per DNA.


Allu Arjun’s Cars, Jets, and More



The actor’s massive home also includes plenty of space for a fleet of vehicles. Allu Arjun seems to specifically have a penchant for European luxury cars, owning wheels such as a Range Rover Vogue, Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence, Mercedes GLE 350d, Jaguar XJ L, and the BMW X6 M Sport. He’s also made a ‘flashier’ purchase with his Hummer H2, although the vehicle hasn’t been spotted much in recent years.



The actor also reportedly owns a private jet, the value of which remains undisclosed, although it makes occasional appearances on his Instagram, usually used to fly our family and friends to vacations and big social events.



Finally, there’s the Falcon — an Rs. 7 crore behemoth vanity van decked out in custom lighting, luxury trimmings, and bespoke decorative panels. Designed and built by The Reddy Customs, Allu Arjun initially shared the van’s details and craftsmanship after purchasing it in 2019.


Lead Image: @alluarjun/Twitter

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