Are We Really Getting A Gupt Franchise?
Are We Really Getting A Gupt Franchise?

According to media reports, filmmaker Rajiv Rai is planning on a Gupt franchise

Bollywood has made a habit of taking popular old songs and putting out shoddy remixes. Now, we hear that old movies are also having a comeback moment. After DNA reported that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is planning on a Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 2, Bollywood Hungama reports that filmmaker Rajiv Rai is planning on a Gupt franchise.


The film featured Kajol as a psychotic stalker and is kind of a cult classic. It was also in the news a few years ago when Bobby Deol decided to become a DJ and only played Gupt songs on loop at some nightclub. People were hella pissed, of course.

“I haven’t really written a version of Gupt but I have a concept that I might want to do in a few years from now. If I was to do Gupt 2 it won’t be a sequel as Kajol dies at the end and it ends happily. I wouldn’t mind franchising Gupt if the story I write is better than the first one with a completely different story. I might just use the title, the soul of the film and the names of the characters but the story and cast wise it will be a completely different film. The idea is to show the audience a brand new film as they get bored watching the same thing. I have to offer them something new every time. It’s something like the Bhatts have franchised the Murder series,” Rai told Bollywood Hungama, in an interview.


He also revealed that this film won’t have a massive budget and will be shot in Delhi.

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