Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown: Easter-Eggs And Small Details You May Have Missed
Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown: Easter-Eggs And Small Details You May Have Missed

In all your excitement you may have missed these small vital details

On Friday, Marvel finally shared the trailer for it’s much-awaited final Avengers film, Avengers: Endgame. The trailer broke YouTube records by garnering over 200 million views in just 24 hours and becoming the most watched movie trailer of all time. 


But in all that excitement, you probably missed out on these small details that could actually explain a lot and provide more credibility to some fan theories. 

Iron Man & Nebula

The trailer starts off with Tony Stark in the Benatar spaceship that belongs to the guardians of the galaxy. After losing the battle with Thanos on the planet Titan, Iron Man and nebula, who were the only surviving people on Titan, seem to share the spacecraft. 

Stark is seen recording a goodbye message to his longtime girlfriend and fiance, Pepper Pots, saying how he now has only 4 days worth of supply. If he will be rescued or not is yet to be discovered, but theories have already erupted. One theory says that Pepper Pots herself might wear the iron suit and come to save Stark. Another theory states that it’ll be Captain Marvel who rescues Tony and nebula from drifting into space. 


Thor, Captain America, Black Widow & Bruce Banner

We see Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America, in a seemingly empty Avengers headquarters looking distraught. Captain America is seen wearing an all black uniform and sporting a clean shaven look. Theories have been surfacing that the movie might be diving into the concept of time travel in order to undo Thanos’ destruction. Cap is also seen looking down at the photo of Peggy which only further supports the time travel theory.

Ant-Man & Shuri

Dr. Bruce Banner is seen standing in front of a screen with the faces of those who were missing. We see pictures of Ant-Man, Spider-Man and most surprisingly, Shuri. In Infinity War, Shuri wasn’t shown to be a victim of Thanos’ snap but according to this shot, it’s clear that she was. Ant-Man is also missing but we already know that he isn’t a victim of Thanos but is actually stuck in the quantum realm. But the trailer also showed Ant-Man making it out unharmed as he demands to be let in to the Avengers headquarters in a hilarious scene towards the end of the trailer. 


Hawkeye wasn’t there throughout the whole of Infinity War and fans were left in wonder. The trailer finally showed that he is alive, but he isn’t the same anymore. He’s seen in all new samurai-type avatar and is seen hunting down some baddies somewhere in Japan. Pictures had surfaced of Jeremy Renner as the Marvel hero Ronin and this new costume does bear resemblance to it so maybe it in fact is true. 


Thanos is seen living his retired life as a farmer after cutting the world’s population in half. He’s grown crops and has removed his armour and made a scarecrow out of it. In another scene, you see Thanos walking through his farm with his burnt gauntlet. The farm scenario is taken straight from the 1991 infinity gauntlet comic issue in which Thanos is seen living his life ploughing fields. A theory online said that maybe Thanos isn’t living his life on some island but is maybe trapped inside the soul stone. 

Everything would make a lot more sense if you keep an eye out for these scenes in the trailer, so go ahead and watch it below:

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