Had A Bad Day At Work? These Epic Tweets By Baba Sehgal Will Cheer You Up
Had A Bad Day At Work? These Epic Tweets By Baba Sehgal Will Cheer You Up

The King of Rap has been bitten by the Twitter bug lately.

Those of you who still fondly remember Baba Sehgal, the rapping sensation of the ‘90s, and thought he has been missing in action since eternity, think again. Because the man is back with a bang, all thanks to the internet. 


The King of Rap, who is renowned for his inimitable style of music, recently released a Holi anthem on YouTube and has also been bitten by the Twitter bug lately. So all those having a bad day at office (or life, in general), should definitely follow him because his hilarious tweets will guarantee you a chuckle. Take a look. 







apple khaogey toh shakal aayegi,


chappal khaogey toh akal aayegi..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 27, 2017




Your colleague got a promotion and you didn’t? Remember these wise words



smile karne sey blood ka circulation badhta hai,


joh dusron ki success sey jaley, voh hamesha sadta hai..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 25, 2017




This was only the tip of the iceberg. IPL season is coming  



aaj hai kohli kal tha symonds,


roz subah khaya karo almonds..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 24, 2017




Life goals!



your future is bright only if u eat light😜


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 20, 2017




Thursday blues, anyone? 



when u laugh, ur stress becomes half..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 20, 2017




You don’t have to wait for World Yoga Day



better hoga agar karoge yoga


kyun ki joh hona hai voh toh hoga..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 17, 2017




He’s definitely a Baba



negativity ko life sey kick karo,


biscuit ko chai mein dip karo,


breakfast kabhi mat skip karo..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 14, 2017




Bad luck for all those who don’t know how to cook or dance



bake ur egg,


make ur peg,


shake ur leg..


— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) March 7, 2017


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