Here Are The Best Covers Of Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”

A cover playlist full of artists who do complete justice to Lady Gaga

At 33, Lady Gaga is already an icon. She’s conquered the music world with her Grammy-winning albums and is on the path of having the film industry in her palms. She transformed herself from the loud and legendary “Mother Monster” to the Lady Gaga she is today. 


A film that allowed Gaga to show her acting abilities, as well as her singing skills, was the Bradley Cooper-directed film, A Star Is Born. Gaga played an aspirational singer who finally gets the opportunity she deserves because of Bradley Cooper’s character in the film. The film naturally had a lot of songs, but the one that stands out is “Shallow”, which was a duet with Bradley Cooper. The song also plays an important role in the film as this is the first song Cooper and she compose together. 

The song was the most popular track among the OST and it was nominated for an Academy Award in 2019. The song won an Oscar for Best Original Song, giving Gaga her first Oscar ever. 


The song is a modern-day classic and musicians on YouTube naturally did some amazing covers of the song. Here, we look at some of our favourites:

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