Web Series About Best Male Friendships
6 TV Shows That Got The Depiction Of Healthy Male Friendships Right

A curated list of shows which portrayed healthy male friendships

Sitcoms give people moments and pairings which are nearly unforgettable. But when it comes to the depiction of male friendships it is limited to silly gender stereotypes. While men having a heart-to-heart conversation about their dreams and feelings is missing, there are projects which will make you feel like celebrating male friendships as well. If you want to witness their incredible chemistry and heart-wrenching emotional moments then this is the list: 


Stranger Things 

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This series tops the list in every aspect. Right from season 1 to season 4, the main characters Will, Dustin, Mike and Lucas’ amazing camaraderie is constantly on display. The show promotes the notion of healthy masculine friendship for the younger audience as well. They have managed to break the glass ceiling where men are supposed to be lone cowboys and shouldn’t need emotional support from anyone. These boys don’t shy away from expressing their feelings and neither do they take a step back when they need each other.



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Troy and Abed in this series go all out for each other. Right from having their secret handshake to going on numerous dates with each other, they do it all. They stand by each other like a rock when things start to go south in their lives. Even when they are not together, they constantly keep checking on each other. TV does need more characters like these two! 


The Office  

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While a lot of things in The Office are open to debate, the friendship between Darryl and Jim is simple and pure. They have a good and healthy relationship outside work which is based on positivity. They even help each other grow personally and professionally which is rare in case of office friendships. They have each other’s back all the time. 



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Joey and Chandler are the perfect example of brothers from another mother. That is how thick their relationship is. What they have is raw and wholesome. They are veterans at friendship goals because right from doing weird things like hiding in a box to being real with each other, they did it before it was cool.  


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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The way Jake and Charles profess and express their love for each other might seem cringy to some, but we’re here for it. This is one male friendship which is positive and fresh. Charles is an open book when it comes to talking about his bond with Jake. Jake, on the other hand, is not as open as him but through his actions, he shows that no one can take Jake’s place in his life.  


Game of Thrones

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In this series, almost everyone double-crossed each other but not Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly. Their loyalty and friendship kept shining brightly throughout the series. These brothers of the Night’s Watch knew how to push each other in the right direction. It was because of Jon that Sam became the Maester and found the love of his life, while Sam too always looked out for his dear friend Jon.  


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